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nightmareonelmstreetrunGet ready to run for your lives – the second annual Nightmare On Elm Street Run will be held in Downtown Rogers Nov. 1, 2014!

Activities will begin at 1:30 p.m. Nov. 1 at the Frisco Park Stage on Second Street in Downtown Rogers.

Runners will be darting past zombies during the Zombie 5K at 4:30 p.m. All runners will be “alive” at the beginning of the race. If you make it to the finish line without being touched by a zombie and becoming one of the Running Dead, you get a prize!

All 5K runners will receive a goody bag and t-shirt if signed up by the race day; additional shirts can be purchased at the event.

Now, if you want to play it safe, there is a one-mile fun run at 4 p.m. Also, there will be zombie makeovers between 1:30-4:30 p.m.

And wear your costumes! Because there will be a costume contest! Prizes will be awarded for best runner costume and best team!

You can register and get info on prices here. Proceeds from the run will go to benefit the Rogers Optimist Club.

Since 1979, Optimists have been serving the youth of Rogers, AR. The Optimist Club of Rogers is a member of Optimist International The club conducts service projects for the kids in our community, such as an essay and oratorical contest, an annual fishing derby, and Respect for Law Day. The club also donates to other youth organizations like American Legion Baseball, Crossroads School, Nothing in Return, and Shop with a Cop. The club provides scholarships to a graduating senior from each high school and also sponsors the Player of the Week and Player of the Month at each middle school and high school.

Be sure to visit and like Nightmare On Elm Street Run on Facebook for updates!


Here’s your comprehensive source for where to get information on Alli out of stock! I have covered a previous Alli shortage in 2012. I will keep you updated as I get news on Alli’s availability.

10/30/14 UPDATE: With Alli being off the shelves since the spring, I’m seeing a lot of consumer concern on social media and in the comments here. I’m continuing to follow the @myalli account on Twitter, and this is the latest according to a tweet sent on October 10:

As far as I have seen on Twitter, Alli has been very responsive to consumer concerns, replying to questions, giving out their phone number to receive complaints, etc. Remember I am not working for Alli, I don’t get squat for this other than the opportunity to provide a public service.

A couple of months ago someone on Twitter contacted me and likened this recall to the recall resulting from the Chicago Tylenol Murders in 1982. As Alli told me on Twitter, “Every tampering situation is different.” This is true. It’s unfair to compare Tylenol’s recall, which ended in a month, to this Alli recall for many reasons:

  • The 1982 tampering of Tylenol was contained in the Chicago area, whereas the tampered bottles of Alli were sold online and distributed across the country.
  • Alli is a much more expensive product to manufacture than Tylenol.
  • The Tylenol murders and recall happened in 1982. A lot has changed since then, in tampering laws and FDA regulations.

The biggest concern here should not be how quickly Alli can return to the shelves, but whether or not GSK is putting a safe product back on the shelves. This involves completely reformulating the drug to have more tamper-proof features, as well as redesigning the packaging. All conspiracy theories I have seen have been unfounded; GSK anticipates no increase in the price of Alli, and in order to correct this tampering situation, the company is already losing out on a lot of consumer dollars. I do not think a drug company wants to deprive consumers of one of its most popular OTC products.

So, what can you do while you wait? You can go to the doctor and get a prescription for Xenical. It contains the same active ingredient as Alli, but it is twice the strength. Before beginning any diet or exercise program, it is crucial to consult a physician, so at this point, this is the safest route to go.

6/17/14 UPDATE: I asked @myalli on Twitter if they were currently working on changing packaging to curb additional product tampering. This was their response:

There is still no estimate as to when Alli will be available. Currently, the only way to obtain Orlistat (the generic name for Alli) is to visit your physician and have it prescribed to you. Keep in mind prescription Orlistat has double the strength of Alli. Readers have informed me that, after being prescribed the drug by a physician, they have been able to get Orlistat at discounted prices from Canadian Pharmacies. You WILL have to visit a physician and get a prescription to order this product. Check the comments section for suggestions from other consumers, or add your own.

4/29/14 UPDATE: This is the origin of the recall as reported by The News Journal (Delaware Online): “GSK received calls from consumers in seven states about alli bottles that contained capsules and tablets that were not in fact alli, GSK said. Some bottles inside the outer carton were missing labels and had temper-evident seals that were not authentic, the firm said. The products were purchased in retail stores.”
@MyAlli reached out to me via Twitter and said if you think you have a product that is not authentic, please call GSK directly at (800) 671-2554. You can also call the number for any consumer concerns.
@MyAlli has reported on twitter that they “don’t have an estimated time period as to when alli will return.” Also, the website has a 503 Service Unavailable Error right now. Hopefully this just means the site is down for maintenance. I have tweeted @MyAlli to ask them why the site is down. I’ll keep you posted as I get more news.
4/3/14 UPDATE: Citing product tampering, there is a voluntary recall of Alli products on the market. During this time, do NOT purchase anything called “Alli,” as counterfeiters have been known to take advantage of Alli’s 2012 ingredient shortage that caused a delay in product manufacturing. If you are purchasing Alli, make sure it is from a reputable retailer and NOT from an auction site or independent seller.

Glaxo SmithKline, the manufacturer of Alli in the U.S., issued this press release on 3/27/14: 

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare is voluntarily recalling all alli® weight loss products from U.S. and Puerto Rico retailers as the company believes that some packages of the product were tampered with and may contain product that is not authentic alli®. GSK is conducting an investigation and is working with the knowledge of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on this retailer level recall.

GSK received inquiries from consumers in seven states about bottles of alli® that contained tablets and capsules that were not alli®. A range of tablets and capsules of various shapes and colors were reported to be found inside bottles. Additionally, some bottles inside the outer carton were missing labels and had tamper-evident seals that were not authentic. These tampered products were purchased in retail stores.

“Safety is our first priority and we are asking retailers and pharmacies to remove all alli®from their shelves immediately,” said Colin Mackenzie, President Consumer Healthcare North America. “We have posted a Consumer Alert on our website,, and issued a News Release with information and photographs to help consumers determine if their alli® is authentic.”

alli® is a turquoise blue capsule with a dark blue band imprinted with the text “60 Orlistat”. It is packaged in a labeled bottle that has an inner foil seal imprinted with the words: “Sealed for Your Protection.” Consumers should confirm any alli® in their possession matches this description. Pictures of the product are available on our website:

Consumers who have product they are unsure or concerned about should not use it. Instead, they should call GSK promptly at 800-671-2554, and a representative will provide further instructions. If they have consumed questionable product, they should also contact their healthcare providers.

“We are committed to finding out what happened and to doing everything possible to prevent future issues with alli®,” said Mackenzie. “We regret any inconvenience caused by this retailer recall.”

I will keep you posted if anything changes. Alli reached out to me during the 2012 shortage and I plan to reach out to them in hopes that they’ll share news on the recall with me.

6/19/12 UPDATE: This was posted by Alli on its official Facebook page this morning: “Great news, we are excited to share that alli has shipped to store warehouses! We apologize for any inconvenience this supply issue has caused and you can rest assured that alli product is on its way back to your local retailer’s shelf. Our locator tool will be available soon to help you find alli in stores near you – so we can once again fight fat together.” The drug will not be reformulated and again, there was no recall. I will update this page as soon as Alli is available to purchase online. 

6/6 UPDATE: I’ve gotten reports that Alli is planning to make shipments to all retailers by the end of the month. 

5/13 UPDATE: Alli has NOT been Recalled. Read below for why you can’t find it. The Food and Drug Administration keeps a list of all product recalls in the U.S., and Alli is not in their database. For information on all FDA recalls, visit the searchable FDA Recalls, Market Withdrawals and Safety Alerts Database.

5/7 UPDATE: Alli is reporting on its Facebook page that they expect the drug to return in late June. Details below. 

4/4 UPDATE:  Alli contacted me on Twitter and said they expect the product to return to shelves in June 2012. Details below.

3/15: UPDATE with response from Alli, and 4/1 UPDATE with an alert on past and potential counterfeit sales. Details are in bold below.

If you use the over-the-counter drug Alli as part of your diet, exercise and weight-loss plan, you may have recognized that the drug has been missing from store shelves and online retailers for the past few weeks.

Why has it gone missing from the shelves? Simple – ingredient shortage.

Drug manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline issued the following statement on the Alli web site’s Buy Alli section:

GSK, the manufacturer of alli, is experiencing a supply shortage of the active ingredient used in alli. The alli team is working diligently to resolve the issue and apologize for any inconvenience this supply shortage may cause our consumers. Consumers should continue to adhere to the recommended diet and physical activity routine, which are the cornerstone of any weight loss program, and continue using alli once it is available.

FYI: The “active ingredient” in Alli is Orlistat, which is also the active ingredient in Prescription weight-loss drug Xenical. The Xenical manufacturer Roche issued this statement on its Club New You web site:

Our Florence Manufacturing Plant in the United States manufactures certain ingredients used in the products of Roche, including XENICAL® (orlistat). Just lately the Plant has encountered manufacturing problems, causing deficiencies in the supply of our products, including XENICAL®.   This will lead to shortage of supply of this product. lists the product as unavailable at this time, after estimating an April 16 availability date.I initially posted the April date upon Drugstore’s estimate.Alli contacted me on Twitter and said the company cannot confirm an April 16 shipping date:

@bellesouth – Thanks for spreading this info! However, we can’t verify Apr. 16 as a shipping date. Pls call with questions: 1-800-671-2554 

Alli also told me they’d let me know as soon as the drug was available. No word on the availability of Xenical, but it is safe to assume that these products will both be available as soon as the Orlistat ordeal is taken care of.

Meanwhile, diet and exercise still work, and consult with your physician before beginning any weight-loss or exercise program. (Update 4/1: Please be careful before purchasing Alli through auction sites or independent-seller Marketplaces. GSK has had trouble with the sale of counterfeit Alli in the past, so beware of scam artists taking advantage of the shortage.)

Update 4/4: Alli contacted me again on Twitter with this message:

@bellesouth – We thought you may be interested, alli should be returning to shelves in June. More info on FB:

Update 5/7: alli is notifying customers on its Facebook page that the drug is expected to return in late June. Here’s what they’re telling customers on Facebook:

unfortunately GSK, the manufacturer of alli, is experiencing a supply shortage of the active ingredient used in alli. The team has been working diligently to resolve the issue, and alli capsules are expected to be back in stores by the end of June. We apologize for the inconvenience this shortage may have caused you. During this time, we recommend you continue to follow your myalli plan to help you stay on track. If you have any further concerns please call us: 1-800-671-2554, M-F 9am – 4:30pm ET.

I have read a lot of ‘conspiracies’ from those who think GSK is doing this on purpose, but other pharmaceutical companies across the world, including those that sell the drug as prescription Xenical, are experiencing the same shortage. Again, diet and exercise still work.

This post contains affiliate links.




IdealShape, LLC provided me with product for this review and giveaway. This post contains affiliate links and I will make a commission if you click one of those links and make a purchase.

Let me tell y’all: Today was a great week. I finally hit one of these goals that SO many people I know find very trying to achieve: I’m now under 200 pounds, and since tracking my weight loss last year, I have lost 52 pounds!

I want to say it has been super-easy, and considering the circumstances, it has – but it’s a lot of work to control your cravings when you develop an addiction to tasty food. I truly advocate counting calories as the way to do it – and there are so many mobile tools that allow you to these days. But one of the greatest ways to help count calories AND curb your hunger is through IdealShape’s amazing line of products.

I already told you about the IdealShake Meal Replacement Shake a few months ago, and I’m happy to say I still purchase this product! But in the past month I’ve been trying out a new product called IdealBoost Raspberry Citrus.


It’s a powder, similar to any sugar-free drink mix, that you add to water. Other than the drink mix being colorless, the only difference from those drink mixes is that in addition to being a great substitute for soda or juice, it also has Slendesta, a protein made from potatoes that – I swear – really is filling!


What I love about it is that it also has caffeine to keep your energy up. I have a lot of problems getting up and going in the morning, and I can say that IdealBoost has really helped a lot! I enjoy an IdealBoost with an IdealShake or other light breakfast in the morning, and it usually tides me over until a mid-morning snack (The box says it will curb hunger for four hours; I did not find this to be the case.)

In addition to the Raspberry Citrus, they also have IdealBoost Pineapple Strawberry! I’m very eager to try this flavor!

Weight loss is not easy. I believe I was close to 280 at my heaviest. And now, at 199.8, I feel a lot more confident. I know I still have a way to go and it will only get more difficult, but with products like those from IdealShape, I know that I can reach my goals, and hopefully prevent continuing a family history of heart disease, diabetes and kidney failure. Because above all, health is the most important thing here.

Please consult your doctor before beginning any diet or exercise program.

And now, the giveaway! Please follow the instructions in the form below for a chance to win!


Win a $50 Gift Card to AMI Clubwear!


I received product from AMI Clubwear for this review and giveaway. All opinions are my own.

Party season is here, and so is AMI Clubwear! Yes – we are headed for three months of celebrations – Halloween parties, Holiday gatherings, and, of course, New Year’s Eve! So you will definitely need to get some great clothing and accessories for your good times! Read on to see how you can win a $50 gift card to AMI Clubwear to help you get your party on!

AMI Clubwear sells a variety of clothing, swimwear, shoes and accessories. AND they carry plus sizes AND costumes! Yay!

AMI Clubwear sent me this AMAZING Red faux leather printed tote handbag to test out. I LOVE IT! I take it everywhere – it’s great for shopping at the grocery store or toting to a party. And it’s definitely an eye-catcher (seriously, no pun intended).


What a fun design – and it’s an AMI Clubwear original among many of their really awesome items. For faux leather, it’s a really great material. It feels smooth to the touch and is quite durable.

It also has a strap long enough to wear as a crossbody.20141009_120450

You can also unhook the strap to use the bag as a satchel.


The bag is very basic on the inside; no compartments with the exception of a zippered pouch in the lining. The lining is also faux leather, which makes it easy to clean! Also, the purse is roomy, and it’s wide enough to hold my Kindle Fire!


I love this purse so much I had my manicurist give me some matching nail art.


AMI is constantly bringing in new items, so there is a rotation of  LOTS of amazing designs to check out.

And now, the Giveaway! Simply follow the instructions in the form below to enter for your chance to win a $50 gift card to AMI Clubwear!



This is a sponsored post for Storyline. All opinions are my own.

So, there are many things I love: A hearty cup o’ Joe if I have to get up before 10 on Saturday morning; local food; a delicious mimosa; and TACOS. I had no idea I would enjoy such things all together in one place, but thanks to Downtown Bentonville Inc.’s final Farm to Table event of the season, I was able to do this. AND HOW.


The event was held September 20 at Airship Coffee – which is actually a coffee wholesale producer! Yep, they process the beans right there. I was so happy to be told about how my cup of fair-trade coffee came from growers in places like Ethiopia, Brazil, Venezuela, Guatemala and El Salvador, and the process of how it ended up in my hands.


Learning one of the many ways coffee is processed from green bean to my cup.

Learning one of the many ways coffee is processed from green bean to my cup.

I was so excited to see Airship Coffee Owner Eric Bray, because I’d actually met him in my reporter days several years ago when he was a Benton County Extension Agent, just starting to work on the side with growers in other countries to produce and distribute fair-trade coffee. We had a small chat, got to catch up, and I truly am amazed that he’s been able to transform his talents in working with and distributing from workers to a full-time career with a warehouse full of coffee beans and grounds from countries where growers need a sustainable income in order to survive and thrive.


Airship Coffee Owner Mark Bray chatting with Nicki Dallison of Downtown Bentonville Inc.

Airship Coffee is sent to brewers across the country; and the only place where you can buy it locally is at the Bentonville Farmer’s Market. Bray told me it was part of the company’s aim to connect consumers with those who produce their food. Regardless, you only have a few weeks left to go and pick up some grounds!

In addition to the coffee, we had some AMAZING mimosas served to us (see the pic at the top of the page). The Trickdilly food truck was also there to serve up some amazing tacos. Trickdilly owner Troy Walker said they create gourmet tacos that are different than those you’ve conventionally heard of; they like to combine Arkansas tastes with the handy, portable food.

Check out these Watermelon and Brisket tacos. Now, I’m not a Watermelon person, but my friend Jasmine assured me that they were absolutely delicious. I do believe that’s goat cheese in there. Yum!

But THESE were the tacos that made me want to get a megaphone and tell the entire region about: The Chicken n’ Waffles tacos. I mean, I cannot begin to describe how incredibly tasty these things were. If you love home-cooked food and the sweet and savory combination of chicken and waffles, you will LOVE these.


Stare into the depths of the Taco.  These were going fast, and I had to keep my eye on the table to see when the Trickdilly folks were going to bring them out next. I originally got this one one to split with Jasmine, but she lost by chatting with someone else and, well, I am a firm believer in No Taco Left Behind.

I’m really excited to see the exciting things that Downtown Bentonville Inc. is doing to bring the community with local businesses and local food. I have seen this area of the city completely transform since I moved here in 2005, and I’m sure in another ten years it will look completely different, and there will be much more to offer.

Be sure to like Downtown Bentonville Inc. on Facebook to see what they’ll be cooking up in the future! Especially be on the lookout for the First Friday events.

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