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6,797,100,000 is a whole lotta people to feed

It amazes me that in this age of natural disasters, high poverty, health care crises, environmental concerns, pro-life vs. pro-choice, pre-packaged and massively-produced food, child trafficking for sex and work purposes, recession, teen pregnancy and that idea that the American dream is attainable if you just work hard enough, people neglect the big, giant elephant in the room called “Overpopulation.”

In 1950, as post-war Americans were moving into the suburbs and getting family cars, our population was at 2.5 billion. Now it is at more than 6.7 billion. As a result, our planet and its people just don’t have the resources or energy to get everything to every single person on the planet. This is seen today in Haiti – where the help has come a bit too late.

Advocating responsible family planning does not make one suddenly hate children or promote promiscuity. There are women – even in our own country – who are given misinformation or no information at all on how to prevent unwanted pregnancies. And ultimately, women are the ones who bear the responsibility of unwanted pregnancies.

Pathfinder International works in our most impoverished countries to empower women by educating them in responsible family planning. Family planning literally can save lives.

World population (wikipedia)

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