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701 uses for address labels. Almost.

Since moving in with the ole mom, I’ve come into bit of a conundrum. Since I’ve moved I have needed to replace my address labels. I ordered one of those nifty stamps to improve the life of my envelopes when I’m sending stuff off in the mail, but as we’re all mailing less and less, There are a number of other exciting ways to use them!

1) Tag your luggage

2) Keep on a piece of cardstock and stick it in your purse/wallet/diaper bag/dog bag

3) Embroider into your underwear (if you’re living in a dorm or using a community laundry room)

4) Label anything that is yours. Live with a roommate? Tell them. “This is MY PEANUT BUTTER and if you take ONE TABLESPOON FROM IT there will be HELL TO PAY.” Don’t live with a roommate? Put them on your most valuable items. Ticket stubs. Fine art. Limited-edition boxed sets of your favorite Battlestar Galactica episodes.

5) Fill out forms. Not resumes or anything, but, you know – contest entries. Surveys. Your doctor’s form.

6) Put it on your Laptop, cell phone or any other portable electronic device you have that is also known as your “lifeblood.” While you’re at it, write down the serial numbers for those items in case someone tries to pawn them.

7) Put it on your umbrella.

So there you go! Maybe address labels could bring out the obsessive-compulsive person in all of us.


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