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Guest post: How I lost 90 pounds

Cherise Kelley Levis 505

Cherise at 148 pounds, March 2012

by Cherise Kelley of Size 12 by St Patrick’s Day

I didn’t buy any drugs. I didn’t join a gym. I didn’t sign up for any support group. I was a size 20 woman who wanted to be healthy again. The hardest part, believe it or not, was realizing that weight was the problem.

Life happened. I had a desk job for ten years, and then lost that job. I got stressed out, and eating is my normal response to stress. I quit allowing pictures to be taken of me, because deep inside I knew that if I saw myself in a picture, I would realize I was fat.

Well, my friend Marilyn took a picture of me anyway. This was in May of 2011. I saw it, and I realized I was fat. Making that realization was actually the hardest part. I knew how to lose weight because of a book I had read in high school. All I needed to do was put the advice in that put to practice. It was harder putting this advice to practice at 48 than it had been in high school.

Cherise at her heaviest, 240 pounds.

Exercise every day for at least half an hour. Wow. I couldn’t last through a 15 minute shopping trip without finding a place to sit down. But I made myself get back up again and walk a total of 30 minutes every day. Rain, shine, or snow.

Cut out everything in your diet except meat and vegetables every two weeks for a period of two weeks. OK, that part was actually easy. It was deciding what to eat in the intervening two weeks of keep trim eating that was tough.

It took ten months, but I lost those 90 pounds. I went from a size 20 to a size 8. I have kept those 90 pounds off since March 2, 2112. I blogged each day of my struggle and told everyone I knew about my blog, to keep myself accountable. That blog is still up and running, helping me keep the weight off. If you know anyone who needs to lose weight, send them on over to copy the days when I lost weight and avoid the days when I goofed up and gained.

For more information on Cherise’s weight loss journey visit her blog at

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