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Adventures in exercise

Ownership of a new dog makes you have to actually get up off your butt and move. If you stay in all day, chances are the dog is going to get mad at you and pee somewhere in the house or tear up your favorite stuffed toy.
So I’m actually walking and stuff. Cesar Millan says you have to take your dog on a pack walk several times a day. This means you keep the leash close so the dog stays either beside or in front of you. That way the dog knows you are the leader.
But I’m also doing this crazy weird thing that, as a fat chick,I thought I would NEVER do: Yoga. I am telling you, every time I do yoga I feel like my ass has been beaten to death. And THAT is why I keep going. I’ve bought several classes in advance so I feel wasted if I don’t use them.
Last night my yoga instructor, whom I am certain is trying to kill me, made me put weight on my wrists. Doesn’t she get my wrists are weak? Doesn’t she see me sweating all over my wrists and trying not to die? NO. She is trying to kill me and THAT is why I keep going back.
There are all these weird products in the store that are advertised, like Xantrex and Proteinex and Fat Blocker 3, and I made the decision last week to go on All, which is also trying to kill me by forcing me to eat healthy foods or else face the consequences. I shan’t go any further. All I know is i’m eating a lot more fat-free foods. I don’t know if I can handle being on it much longer.
Let’s keep in mind that I am not doing this to look like a supermodel. I’m doing this because I have a family history of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. And because while I can let everyone and everything else try to kill me I’d like my dog to behave nicely.

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