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All I want for Christmas is an indestructable Netbook

We all have hidden talents. Mine is a special one: Beating the ever-loving tar out of my electronics.

I have been known to render LCD screens useless, drop phones on the concrete so many times it’s a wonder they still function, and my latest sign of my tenacious, abusive tendencies toward my favorite electronics can be easily seen in examining my ASUS EeePC 1005HAB.

Yes, I realize the screen could use a good treatment with the cloth. That’s happening later on. the point here isthe serious disconnect that’s going on between my screen and the netbook base. this makes for some very odd moments of document-writing, surfing, etc.

You might also notice the wear and tear on the keyboard. One person put it aptly in much more adult language that I “beat the shizzle out of the keys.”

I must admit, it’s true. Anyone who has worked with me or attended a meeting I’ve covered from my reporter days knows that it’s impossible to think over the loud, clacking sounds I make on my keys.

It was perfect for the old-school keyboards, but for the new ones on netbooks, which have keys attached via soft, silicone cups for some crazy reason, it gives ease to lots and lots of complete destruction over on my end.

Let’s take a look at this next photo so you’ll know that I’m talking about. Do you see that? The tell-tale thumb mark on the space bar? Oh, and what about the missing key? Yeah, I tried to replace it but it was dang near impossible. I’ve just learned to press the metal parts around it and deal with it. Nonetheless, you can see my machines put up with a lot of abuse.

This netbook is a great, reliable system. It runs Windows 7, Microsoft Office, various graphics programs without a hitch, I can run streaming music or video on it with ease, I can use it to connect from any Wi-Fi Hotspot anywhere. Perfect for the work-at-home gal like me. But then there are parts of this machine that make it completely redneck and almost compel me to keep up with the Joneses. This next picture is called “HowTF did this happen?”

Look at that. You see that on the right? That’s a hinge. A hinge with missing screws. A hinge that doesn’t even BELONG there. How did it get there? Search me.

It’s very frustrating. I’ve searched for broken netbooks that I can just buy for parts and build a new netbook, I’ve searched for new netbooks that don’t have NEARLY the same quality as the older models from Toshiba of Lenovo have; I’m fighting with a culture that wants cloud-baed operating systems and wants to swipe everything when I am a WRITER and I am meant to TYPE.

Do any of you have these problems? Are you on a quest for an electronic device that does things that you can’t find? Someday I will post my desires for the perfect Android device, but that’s for another place and time.

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