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The awkward post-breakup stuff-exchange

So I went to the old office to pick up my final check Friday. It was weird.

I walked in and got a great big hug from the front desk lady. She’s cute. She’s a mom and grandmother so she likes huggin’ on folk.

And then I walked into the place I used to walk into several days a week and call home.

Only a few people were inside; a couple of familiar faces greeted me; others just ignored my presence.

And I picked up my check – as well as some stuff from my desk that I’d left behind – and after it was all over I felt this sense of grief. Like I’d just walked into a place where I no longer belonged.

And it totally reminded me of when you break up with someone and you have to call him because he has your favorite book, or you want to give him the spatula you’re certain he left at your place. And when it was all over I felt like there was another page turned.

Lemme just say: It was weird. But I was able to look at my old workplace from the outside and realize that I’d outgrown it long before I left. That there was something else out there for me. And that things had changed, they had changed, I had changed. And I will take things I learned from them and use them to better myself.

And then I went and got my nails done, because every gal deserves a little pampering now and then.

So. Here I am. Completely done with Ye Olde Job. Feelin’ kind of snubbed by some of my old coworkers. But knowing more than anything that it’s just time to move on.

In other news? I’m glad I left. I’m kinda thinking about going into grant-writing. With the economic recovery package expected for signing on Monday, that could be a marketable profession. I can do some research and stuff for people. Yup yuppers!

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