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Birth control is a pre-existing condition?! WTF?

Apparently my desire not to have a child out-of-wedlock is one of the reasons I am uninsurable, according to Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield.
I received a letter from them yesterday, dated approximately a month after I applied for individual coverage.

There was a long list of reasons they denied me. Some I expected. Height/weight. Okay, I’m walking to work on that. Asthma. Okay, so I was born without a complete respiratory system and it’s all my parents’ fault. Past knee injury. Fine, I won’t kick so high next time.

But birth control?! Considering that 98 percent of women use some form of contraception during their lives, I’ve decided that BCBS is just trying to FIND reasons not to cover people unless all they will do is pay their premiums and stay away from the doctor.
You know what, Blue Cross? Screw you.

And you know what, you guys who don’t think the government that WE elect and WE pay for needs to step in and overhaul this health-care clusterfuck we’re in? Screw you guys, too.

Because, lemme tell you – unless you’ve never been to the doctor, you go along your merry way and take four boxes of Sudafed whenever you have a cold or you know how to give yourself stitches if you’re in a horrible car accident, if you ever find yourself in a situation in which you need to apply for individual health insurance, YOU. ARE. SCREWED. They will find any reason they can not to cover you. If it even LOOKS like you will make them have to pay any expenses on you, you can be denied.

For birth control. Or for depression if you take any of those meds you see 40,000 commercials for every day. Or for asthma. Or if you’ve had a caeserian.

The system is screwed and don’t even think for a moment that these companies give a rat’s ass about us. Competition? No, they’ll compete for who has the most no-risk people covered by them. They won’t compete to have average folk like you and me covered.

Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield hit $1 billion in profits last year. Every year their profits have increased. Do you really think they want to break that winning streak?

I want a public option. I called Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s office to bitch and it fell on deaf ears. This is wrong.

Birth control. Assholes.

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