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This birth control thing is really getting my goat


I’m sick of women being verbally kicked around in this made-up “Religious freedom” debate on insurance and birth control.

This is why it’s totally made-up: 28 states already require contraceptive coverage as part of their insurance plans. This is used by some politicians and elected officials as some kind of red-herring argument to make it through the election.

Also, if anyone talks about “beliefs” or “morals” in lieu of the religion argument, let’s move on to some other groups. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals offers comprehensive health insurance to its employees, including prescription plans. EVERY SINGLE DRUG in the United States must be tested on animals, and a LOT of drugs come encased in gelatin or are derived from animal products. I don’t speak for or defend PETA, but perhaps they would argue that it’s in their best interest to keep their employees healthy so they can fight for animal rights.

Several religious groups are vegetarian, and include Seventh-Day Adventists, the Hare Krishna and Hindus. So what does this lead to? Those churches denying prescription coverage or emergency care to their employees?

There are people who have problems with all KINDS of medications for various reasons. Some are against psychiatric medications, some are against vaccines, some are opposed to antibiotics.

The point is, this is delving just a little bit too much into your employees’ privacy if you’re offering them health insurance that doesn’t cover what you are “morally” opposed to. It’s stupid.

Here’s a quick solution: How about, oh, letting people buy their own dang health insurance at a decent price? How about your health coverage NOT being determined by where you work? How about getting rid of HMOs and PPOs and Managed Care and all that other middle-man crap?

Who in the hell has ever said, “You know who I trust to give me medical advice more than my doctors? Politicians and my employer.”

This is just stupid.

For an even better rant, go check out my buddy Heather’s post at I’m Not Hannah, called “Choice.”

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