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Voting does matter (Blog For Choice Day)


Lately I’ve read and heard a lot of disillusionment among my fellow Americans, some of whom are convinced that voting doesn’t matter. There is frustration. They were promised the world, and the elected officials refused to deliver.

It can be easy to give up during hard times such as the ones we are facing. But when it comes down to it, I still show up at the polls to vote for everyone from my city Council to the President, because I know things matter.

Several states are looking to pass laws that could seriously limit a woman’s right to choose what is best for her body, her health, and her future. In the past, these limiting laws led poor women to death and wealthy women to either other countries or tight-lipped and well-paid physicians.

That is why I am making it a priority to elect pro-choice representatives to Washington. In the face of disillusionment among my peers, I say – no matter what side you lean toward – that first and foremost, break it down by how they vote and who they appoint.

In the Presidential election, it comes down to how candidates answer the following question:

What are you looking for in a supreme court justice? If you hear someone say the term “activist judges,” or you hear someone speak poorly of any current justices without referencing specific cases over which they have ruled, be wary. These candidates need to cut through talking points and get to the heart of it. Why? Because those appointed justices are there for life. And those judges are currently scheduled to make a ruling over health care legislation, and are likely to make a ruling over state laws regarding abortion rights and access. If everything else confounds you, come back to that question.

Another very important issue you’ll want to study:

Voting Records and stances on the issues. There are excellent sites that allow you to access voting records and statements that can tell you where a candidate stands on a particular issue. Do they have a clear and concise voting record? Do their statements change depending on what area of the country they’re visiting? One of favorite sites to access information is Project Vote Smart, a nonpartisan site that is dedicated to making the voting records, quotes, campaign contributions and transparency of representatives and candidates public.

I will watch local and national debates. I will read the news from conservative, progressive, moderate and unbiased sources. And yes, I will put forth my energy and my finances to support candidates whose views are in line with mine.

Furthermore, I will stand for substance, evidence, research and truth. I hope you will, too, and I hope you will join me in voting this year.

I am proud to be a part of Blog For Choice Day for another year to commemorate the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision.

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