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Blogger discovers "Hoarders," immediately starts decluttering

I started watching Hoarders a couple of weeks ago on Netflix. We’ve been snowed in, so I’ve now finished the entire series and have moved on to Confessions: Animal Hoarding. These shows are sad and disturbing and I LOVE them.

These people who don’t want to get rid of cat feces. And these animal hoarders who think they are saving animals when they find 75 KITTY SKELETONS IN THE HOUSE.

Since I’ve started watching the show I’m happy to say I’ve purged quite a few unnecessary items in the home that I was keeping for a rainy day/memories/what-not. I’m also doing the dishes on a more regular basis even if they look overwhelming sitting in the sink. This show is a cure-all!

It’s very difficult for me to watch Animal Hoarding because my heart aches for these people who think they are taking care of animals and that no one else will care for them. Meanwhile, they aren’t properly taking care of the animals, aren’t spaying or neutering, aren’t getting them properly vaccinated and not cleaning up after them – all things that are necessary for properly caring for animals.

Last week an animal hoarder that was featured on Hoarders last month pled guilty for animal cruelty related to her hoarding. This woman, named Hanna, was just horrible. She shoved one of her grown daughters in front of the camera, and in a scene deleted from the episode, she got very angry at the idea of throwing away unlabeled, 30-year cans of food. She may still have those cans, but she isn’t allowed to own animals for 18 months, so I suppose that’s a relief.

I have hoarding tendencies and have been known for clinging to clutter and keeping a messy home. I think shows like this provide insight into hoarding behavior and what causes it. I’m happy to say I now live in a clean home. It still needs some organizing but I wouldn’t mind anyone stopping by for a surprise visit.

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  • Sherri March 16, 2015, 6:36 pm

    I wish watching that show would be all it took for my daughter to change her ways. She is not an animal hoarder but that is about the only thing she doesn’t hoard…… it is driving me crazy


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