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Blogger excels at counting heads, Census calls her back for more

Well, the latest unemployment figures may reflect a loss of hundreds of thousands of Census jobs, but not me. Just when I thought I was finished, the folks at the local office called me back for more.

I begin training next week for what’s called a Vacant Delete Check (VDC), in which a portion of enumerators are called back to verify that those units marked as vacant really are vacant. I have been told it’s kind of like what I first did, only simplified.

Apparently if a house was marked to have no people in it we have to go back and make for real, really for-real sure that it was vacant on Census Day. If there were any occupants/renters/squatters/whatevers, we have to mark it so that every last person is counted.

As a disclaimer, I want to say I took an oath to uphold the Constitution as an enumerator and I am not speaking on behalf of the Census but rather on a personal level. It was a great job – for a lot of self-employed folks like me, as well as retirees who just want a bit of extra vacation money. And again, I’m not going to try to enter anyone’s house/steal anyone’s guns/take anyone to FEMA camps. I just want to make sure these units are really empty.

To be honest, the idea of going back out into the neighborhoods in the July heat really doesn’t seem all that appealing to me, but it’s a job, it’s a way to make sure my town gets funding it needs for schools and roads and hospitals and what-not, and it’s a way for me to look at the new population sign at the edge of my city and say “yep, I was part of that.”

Yes, I am a huge nerd.

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