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Blogger meets Ancient Aliens’ Giorgio Tsoukalos, forgets to get hairstyling tips

It’s not every day when you get the chance to meet one of the most prominent faces of The Network Formerly Known As The History Channel. If you have never seen Giorgio Tsoukalos or his show Ancient Aliens on History, you really are missing out.

Giorgio is the director of Erich von Daniken’s Center for Ancient Astronaut Research. von Daniken wrote a book in the late 60s called Chariots of the Gods?, in which he proposed that many early artifacts were constructed with the assistance of… Ancient Aliens.

My mom LOVES this show, and every time I’d watch it I’d see this guy with this really crazy hair proposing what seemed to be some pretty oddball speculations. Ancient Aliens is one of the many things in addition to Life After People and Only in America With Larry The Cable Guy that have made The History Channel turn into the Whatever Entertains You Channel.

Keep in mind: I am a skeptic. I really do not think extraterrestrials have made contact with us, and if they have it probably hasn’t been nearly as much as we’d like. Ancient Aliens is ridden with disclaimers (such as the term “possible evidence”), but in the show’s defense I will say it features some very unique artifacts, and the stories behind them, true or not, are interesting.

Giorgio and Ah-nold. Needs more hair.

And in Giorgio’s defense, lemme say that when I heard him speak at a local conference a couple of weeks ago, I found him engaging, entertaining and even a bit informative. Plus, he is a REALLY nice guy, AND he does not buy into a lot of alien conspiracy theories. In fact, he’s fairly laid-back, doesn’t really care if anyone may or may not be hiding secret information about extra-terrestrials, does his thing and has made a dang good living out of it.

Likely a much better living than he had as a promoter for the International Federation of Bodybuilding for a few years. I’m still not sure how he made that transition, but he said his interest in extraterrestrials came from his grandmother. The story was something similar to my own mother’s fascination with the topic, and it made me really glad to be with my mom for this event.

Tsoukalos – and his hair – is a regular topic of discussion amongst me and my Facebook friends because we get into long discussions about whatever has happened to the History Channel when it used to air nothing but World War II specials and now it airs shows about pawn shops, alligator-rasslin’ and Extraterrestrials working with Hitler to develop advanced weaponry. So when I was told by a couple of friends that Giorgio would be coming to MY town, I hemmed and hawed and then told my mom. “We have to go,” she said.

So mom and I went, and as soon as we saw Giorgio we were immediately star-struck. And while I am fairly shy, my mother has no problem with starting up conversations with strangers. She said “hello” to him as he walked by us before his presentation. We listened to him speak and share slides, we took notes, I took a BUNCH of blurry photos of him, and afterwards he answered a bunch of questions from people in the audience – some interesting, some a little off.

The talk was great. He acknowledged that he has never said aliens helped build the pyramids, and he did not go into any of the other bizarre hypotheses of other “experts” (like that Hitler/alien thing. Who came up with that?). It was basically a “look at this cool stuff,” “maybe this happened” kind of thing, and I was amazed that I had no desire to laugh or tell him “you’re full of it!” during the entire presentation. He’s not really crazy. It’s just the hair, guys; I swear.

After it was over, Mom and I walked right over to him, where he was getting his picture taken with a fan and her dog. We had several photos made because he wanted to make sure we had the best photos ever.

I’ve gotta say, his hair? Much higher and better-looking in person. He really works at it. I keep kicking myself for not asking him what product he must use to make it look like that. Heck, maybe it isn’t product at all! Anyway, it works for him.

So now, for the “pics or it didn’t happen” crowd, I present the following:

The family portrait.
The deliriously happy mother.
The “He would have made a great prom date” photo.

It was an awesome experience. And whether you Believe or you’re a skeptic like me, if you get the chance to hear the guy speak and get your photo taken with him, so you can live to tell the tale, go for it.

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  • Mandi February 28, 2012, 3:39 pm

    Lucky girl! Did he speak around here? Wish I coulda heard him speak and had the chance to admire that amazing hair in person!

    • Bellesouth
      February 28, 2012, 8:30 pm

      He spoke at the Awakening to Higher Consciousness Transformation Conference at the John Q Hammons Center last summer. Apparently they booked him before the series started airing!

  • dan January 28, 2015, 7:39 pm

    A. His hair is an ancient alien. It changes size and shape during every commercial break.
    2. The first picture of a very young Giorgio with his original, human hair, clearly shows him with an ancient alien.


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