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Blogger works for Census, gets to talk to gossipy neighbors

Today I made my largest Census run since I started this gig back in April. 11 houses – all places I’d been to before and never been able to track anyone down.
Of all the houses I went to, only three answered the door. One was very happy we came by. One was confused by my question about what race he was. “Race? I’m American. I was born in Nebraska,” he said.

“Okay, I’ll put that down,” I said. If he had put down that he was a Cyborg I would’ve written it down without question.

Then the third one spoke no English and didn’t want to read the part of my message card.

And for the rest I just got the scoop from neighbors who had already sent in their forms and were more than happy to help out and gave me way more info on their neighbors than I needed to know for my job.

So I think – and I say THINK – I might be done with this whole thing. I won’t really know until the coming days.

Over all, it’s been a really good experience and I know I’ve done a very important job in getting every person counted. And I’ve learned a lot. We’re very diverse in my city, we come from all kinds of backgrounds. We all live in our houses for various and sundry reasons. And some of us just don’t feel comfortable about giving out our phone numbers.

But, let’s face it, I’m ready for it to be over. I can’t believe there are people who make a living knocking on doors as salesmen. How in the world do they do it?

Maybe I’ll be a bit nicer to the guy who wants to sell me magazines so he can win that bogus trip to the Bahamas that he’ll never get. And when I say “be a bit nicer” I’ll say “You know, there’s a law against solicitation in this city without a permit…”

Anyway, if you were nice to a Census worker, thanks. If you were a jerk to a Census worker, you need to find a reason to be nicer to people. And if you filled out your form and mailed it in so no one would bother you while you were sleeping or mowing the lawn,  THANK. YOU.

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