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Book review: Cynthia Sass’s "Cinch!" promises the same ol’ weight-loss miracle

Just in time for the new year, I was given a free copy of Flat Belly Diet! author Cynthia Sass’s new book Cinch!: Conquer Cravings, Lose Pounds and Drop Inches to review.

I have struggled with weight loss all my life, and tried about a bajillion diets. It seems everyone has the answers: Atkins, Sugar Busters, Weight Watchers, Diet for a Small Planet, the Subway diet – there are a million diets out there and it seems every six months there’s a new plan that comes out that comes with promises of a new you.

And in years and years of doing all this research and doing all these diets, I’ve learned one thing: No diet is an easy way out, and to do anything you need to remember to take care of you and be healthy. Sass’s Cinch! plan requires that you make a lot of sacrifices and makes it look as if it’s sooo easy. It’s a “no-counting” plan, yet you have to discipline yourself in other ways. For the first few days of your diet there are only a handful of foods you are allowed to eat. During the course of the diet, there are specific foods you cannot eat, you are required to keep a food diary, and you are given that diety feeling of having to concentrate every single day on what you put in your mouth.

The book is laden with irrational correlations, such as connecting the rise in obesity rates with the rise in diet soda consumption. Factors not taken into consideration are increased sedentary lifestyles, larger portions at restaurants, the increase of High Fructose Corn Syrup in the American diet and other factors. The book seems like a scare tactic.

There is some wonderful advice in the book to use as guidelines – for example, there’s information on specific foods that work to make you feel fuller, detox your body and make you feel better. The foods in the diet are not bad for you; however, there’s no real room for cheating. Those with a healthy attitude about food will be able to have a piece of cake at a birthday party and not feel guilty about it. The message is not conveyed in this book.

If you have tried every other diet in the world, by all means you can read Cinch! and see what it’s all about. But remember that exercise, low-fat, high-fiber foods and emphasis on vegetables and lean proteins is the best way. It shouldn’t take a book to tell you that.

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