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Booze it up for Breast Cancer Marketing – I mean, ‘Awareness Month’

It’s here again! My least favorite month to go shopping, because I’m bombarded with all this pink ribbon stuff that is geared toward me and to make me have some false sense that I’m helping find a cure for breast cancer.

This year is no different from previous years; I’m sure you’ve already seen yogurt, cereal, toilet paper and what-not that will give a teeny-tiny percentage of whatever product they’re selling you to some breast cancer research fund. Sometimes they tell you up-front, sometimes they say it will go to some unnamed, obscure “breast cancer research” charity that you can’t look up online.

In this photo you see my favorite marketing ploy of the year: Support Her Vodka. Now you can get drunk for a cause!

Let’s forget that alcohol has direct links to breast cancer, oh, because I’m buyin’ something that MAKES A DIFFERENCE! it even SAYS SO on the BOTTLE!

Oh, and if you can’t get your hands on this vodka, don’t worry – There’s Sutter Home for Hope and Mike’s Hard Pink Lemonade.

If you aren’t offended, you should be. And if you don’t see the blatant marketing ploy here, you should.

Breast cancer is a horrible, horrible disease, but the cause is being hijacked by these companies that prey on your sensibilities, and your wallet. Instead of buying that pink-ribboned product, give the money directly to an organization that purchases mammograms for women or is directly related to breast cancer research.

Breast cancer is also the ONLY disease that is so widely marketed because it’s “safe.” Last year, Farrah Fawcett died of rectal cancer, but I seriously doubt any wine distributor is going to start marketing to “cure” it, because it’s not as pretty as cute ol’ pink-ribboned breast cancer.

If you do decide to buy pink products this month, Ask yourself the following questions:

– Does the product specifically say the organization to which it will donate its proceeds?

– Will the company donate a portion of its profits from every pink item sold, or does it have a cap on its donations? (Yoplait and other companies have done this in the past).

– How much of my money is really going toward breast cancer research?

And finally…

– Are there any direct links between the product I’m purchasing and breast cancer?

Don’t let your boobies get bamboozled this month! Educate yourself!

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