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So, I bought the Red Velvet Oreos…


Since there are about 600 varieties of Oreos at the store these days, I had to squint and cross my eyes before I found this lovely package of the Limited-Edition Red Velvet Oreos. I was extremely skeptical – but, since red velvet is my favorite cake and since Nabisco has gone above and beyond when it comes to the scientific advancement of the Oreo cookie in recent years, I figured I would give this one a shot. I refused to try Oreo’s attempt at recreating Watermelon and Candy Corn flavors, but since red velvet isn’t too much of a stretch from a chocolate cookie with creme filling, why not?

Red Velvet items I have tried in the past include the Blue Bird Red Velvet Bingles (think of a Red Velvet Twinkie), some kind of Red Velvet sparkling wine that actually wasn’t half-bad, and a very unfortunate experience with some Yoplait Red Velvet Yogurt. Just… don’t. Just don’t, it’s wrong. But the Red Velvet Oreos?

These are really, really good. In fact, I’m glad these, like Girl Scout cookies, are only available for a limited time, as I would probably gain back all the weight I’ve lost by chowing down on these cookies all year long.

The best thing about these cookies is that they don’t try to pretend to be anything but Oreo cookies. There’s still chocolate. There’s still creme. They’d probably still be good dunked in milk. Call me an old fogey, I think Oreo should stick with the good thing it’s had for the past 113 years: Crispy chocolate cookie, creme. The Red Velvet Oreos do not deviate too much from what the original Oreo Cookie set out to accomplish, and for this, Nabisco should be commended.


What about the flavor? Now, from what I remember from baking my one and only red velvet cake completely from scratch from a recipe in Southern Living 15 years ago, Red Velvet cake is not completely chocolate – but you’re basically adding a little bit of cocoa to what would otherwise be a yellow cake mix. so red velvet just has a -hint- of chocolate to it.

Likewise, the Red Velvet Oreos are not as chocolatey as their parents. So they are staying true to the red velvet form.

What about the cream-cheese-flavored creme?

First of all, have you ever made cream cheese frosting from scratch and really enjoyed the process? Oh, bless your heart. You might as well be a superhero to me. Cream cheese frosting is not too easy to make. I felt I hit my peak with the Southern Living recipe and since then, I’ve used cream cheese frosting in a jar, which is also artificial. The creme in these cookies tastes pretty much like your average pre-packaged cream cheese frosting.

Now, of course, there are those who will just blast me for even DARING to talk about ARTIFICIAL flavors. To which I give the raspberry. Pllbbbttthhhhhbbbt! I am not a baker, nor am I a Creator Of Pretty Foods. Also, the color in red velvet comes from food coloring, so I don’t even know why you have read this far and are just now criticizing my praise of artificial ingredients. Now, of course, just as with any sweet, be it these or Newman’s Own (in case the ghost of Paul wants to replicate this flavor next year), just don’t go scarfing down these cookies all willy-nilly. In fact, I recommend sticking a bunch of these in the freezer so you can enjoy ’em up until at least Independence Day. Okay, St. Patrick’s Day.

So, in short: Red Velvet Oreos = WIN for taste, WIN for science.

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  • Marti Tabora February 9, 2015, 4:54 am

    They are so totally delicious and I don’t usually buy cookies because they aren’t good for me and they are and expensive treat, but I have to admit, I bought several packages and put them in the freezer.

  • Diane February 9, 2015, 11:32 am

    I have been looking for these because my stepdaughter loves all things red velvet!
    Diane recently posted..+LIFEGUARD Mini 1 Portable Charger Review #pluslifeguardMy Profile

  • Taylor February 9, 2015, 12:57 pm

    Honestly, I have never had red velvet anything! So I wouldn’t purchase red velvet oreos. I am a fan of just the original!

  • Betty Bite February 9, 2015, 7:51 pm

    Oh WOW! I saw these the other day at the store and was so tempted to get them. Now I really want them…yummy!!!
    Betty Bite recently posted..The Body Shop Smoky Poppy for Valentine’s DayMy Profile


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