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Brings a whole new meaning to "Shit or get off the pot," don’t it?

A man in Ness County, Kansas called into the county Sheriff’s Office to report that his girlfriend had been sitting on his toilet for two years.

They actually had to pry the damned toilet seat off her ass.

According to yesterday’s story on the case, County Sheriff Bryan Whipple (OH! OH! Stop it with the irony!) said he’s looking into charging the boyfriend with mistreating a dependent adult.

In late February, the woman’s boyfriend called the sheriff’s office and alerted them that something was wrong with his girlfriend.

When police arrived, they found the woman sitting on the toilet – a position from which they believe she had not moved for approximately two years. Her boyfriend had sustained her by bringing food and water.

Whipple said the woman’s muscles had atrophied and that medical personnel had to remove her from the toilet because she was bound to it by “natural means.”

Currently, the woman is being treated at a Wichita hospital.

Wow. Two years, eh? Was Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader that good?

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  • Ruby March 13, 2008, 4:22 am

    In Stuart, Florida a few years back there was a severely obese woman that had sat on her couch so long that her flesh grew into it. They had to take her, by flatbed truck, to the hospital to have her surgically removed from the couch. She died during surgery. Nip/Tuck ripped the idea off for an episode a year or two ago. Very, very sad.

    At least in your story, the woman wasn’t shitting on herself.—ruby


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