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I’m a girl-geek in many ways. That’s why I was really excited to be asked to review some items from – a site designed to sell gadgets and geek-related items for practically wholesale prices. Sadly, though,the products sucked.

Let’s take a look at the USB-powered fridge, available as low as $19.99.  On the outside, it looks really super-cute. It reminds me of the very first available Coca-Cola machines that utilized wide doors. There’s plenty of room to personalize it, you can put stickers on it, etc.

When you open it, the space is just the right size for a can of soda or a small styrofoam cup of coffee. There are two switches; one is used to keep your drink cold, the other one is used to keep your drinks warm.

Here’s the tricky part: None of the instructions are written in English. Or Spanish. Or any of the romance languages, for that matter. BudgetGadgets ship everything from China, and  although I would absolutely LOVE to be able to read one of the languages that is in the instruction manual, it doesn’t help me figure out how to set the drink to cooling or heating.

So after I played the guessing game, I went to sleep and woke up to find a very, VERY warm can of Diet Dr. Pepper. It was laughable. I showed it to my friends and they laughed too. Were this for the purpose of comic relief, it’d be a great product. But nobody likes to have a can of hot soda at their desk.

I’m fairly certain the FTC requires foreign electronics manufacturers to include English in their instruction manuals and labeling. This is not only so you can figure out how something works, but also because you kind of need to be aware of what might result in safety hazards.

So all in all, this fridge is just a really bad product. And for almost 20 bucks, definitely not worth it.

There is an item I did enjoy: The Fashionable Woolen Unisex Touch Gloves Warmer for Touching iPad iPhone (no, that’s really the name of these things, just click the link to check.) These are available for about $5 and they REALLY DO work. I love this, because I have a few touchscreen devices, and you know it’s impossible to work those things with regular gloves.

These gloves have fingertips that allow you to operate your touchscreen device whether it be for turning the page on your Kindle to typing a text message on your Android device. No problems here. I should note, however, that these gloves came with no English instructions whatsoever, so I have no clue how to wash and care for them.

The sad thing is that most of the products at Budget Gadgets are just not worth it. I think if you were planning a party you could grab some of their items as party favors or gag gifts, but you’re better off seeking your geek stuffs somewhere else. provided me with product to review. All opinions are my own unless attributed otherwise.

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  • Jim April 14, 2012, 6:19 pm

    This review cracked me up. *snort* In fairness I should add a brief review of a product I bought from Budget Gadgets. I was so amused by their prices, and free shipping from China. I had to order something just to see for myself what would actually arrive. So I browsed around and ordered a bicycle computer for the modest price of $3.65 with free shipping. It arrived in the mail about 10 days later.

    Although my instructions were at least written using English words, the syntax was incomprehensible. But, as a flagrant abuser of proper writing style, I have no place criticizing them. The instructions probably wouldn’t have been much better if I’d written them.

    What came in my box from China is in no way a Cat Eye or any other mainstream bike computer. The display is bizarre, and the legends and symbols are meaningless to anyone outside Asia. But I can figure out which number is my speed and which number is the distance, and that’s all I really need. And it was less than 4 bucks, with free shipping, from China!

    Budget Gadgets is not a place for normal people to shop. But it is a great place for geeks, and tinkerers to get really cheap stuff to fiddle with. I have no choice but buy one of their dual SIM mobile phones with the built in TV. I can’t help myself.


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