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Bus drivers have a thankless job

This is making the rounds all over the news lately: A bus driver is being accused of assaulting a teen. Now, short clips are being shown all over the place that make it look as if the driver began touching the student.

I see this is as a situation in which the child should have sat down and waited until her proper stop. I remember watching bus-safety films when I was a kid that made me know that getting up on the bus is not safe.

A lot of you are parents – what do you think? What would you think or do if this were your child?

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  • Lauren February 22, 2008, 8:02 pm

    the bus driver did touch the girl first. yes, she never should’ve been out of her seat, but an adult is never allowed to put his/her hands on a child. i will say, that if that were my daughter she would be punished for her atrocious behavior. that amount of disrespect coming from a kid is disgusting. the driver definitely didn’t do anything to make the situation better, though. she only made it worse for herself.

  • Bellesouth February 22, 2008, 8:13 pm

    It’s a very touchy situation. Is it law in Arizona that a driver must not touch a child?

    At the same time, I can understand where the driver was coming from. I think it might be time to put another adult on that bus.

  • offensive_mango February 22, 2008, 8:16 pm

    I think more teenagers need to have the shit beaten out of them by responsible adults.

  • Czuch February 22, 2008, 9:14 pm

    If she really wanted to get off the bus, and wasn’t just trying to make a scene, she would have gone out of the emergency exit in the first place.

    Bus Driver really didn’t help matters though.

  • Amber February 22, 2008, 9:21 pm

    I would have kicked that little bitch off of my bus! I don’t understand why the bus driver wouldn’t let her off. She fucked herself the second she laid a hand on that little cunt-tard. Bummer. The driver appears to be pretty calm otherwise.

  • Bellesouth February 22, 2008, 11:15 pm

    Mango: I like your attitude. I’m all about paddling in its proper place. You have to teach some kind of discipline to these kids. That girl showed no respect whatsoever for the driver.

    Czuch: I totally think that girl was trying to be a badass and make a scene. Bus driver was wrong to touch the girl, though.

    Amber: Yeah, I think bus driver just reached her breaking point. Good gravy, if I were the bus driver I would have seriously gone nuts. Kids on buses are evil creatures.

  • Melissa February 22, 2008, 11:33 pm

    The minute the bus driver put her hands on that child, she was a goner.

    The girl in question should get in a buttload of trouble too.


  • Misha February 23, 2008, 3:11 am

    The behavior by both the student and the driver was inappropriate. That being said, I will always hold the adult MORE responsible,because an adult should know better.

  • Bellesouth February 23, 2008, 4:07 am

    This whole thing just makes me glad I don’t have a job like that.

  • xy February 23, 2008, 1:17 pm

    it looked like the bus driver could have handled it better. From the video it looks like she pushed the girl rather than restraining. So I’m not justifying this driver’s actions it looks like she went too far. It does raise the question: if a child is going to hurt themselves or others at what point do you have to resort to something physical and will doing that get them in trouble? Also, the truth is if that wasn’t the girl’s stop the bus driver could have been held accountable for letting her off at the wrong stop. Bad situation all around. And how did those tapes get out? Geez.

  • Steve [[Roar]] February 23, 2008, 2:24 pm

    I Think The Bus Driver Is Wrong… If It Is The Bus Driver’s Every Day Route Then She Should Know Who Is And Isn’t On The Bus… If It Is A Umm… After School Activity Route Then The School Should Give Bus Passes To the students whom board the busses.

    also… the driver had no right to put hands on the girl.. she had no right to push the girl
    she had no right to tell the girl to get her cellphone then fight her when she does.. the driver is in the wrong…
    The Girl should have watched her language…

    also… it was good that the rest of the bus remained calm until the fight then they made their way off via the emergency exit… but i would have hit the driver if she hit me… i really don’t like the fact that the driver gets away with this and the 3 girls got internal suspensions according to my local fox affiliate.

  • Bellesouth February 23, 2008, 3:07 pm

    Xy – yeah, you’re right – bad situation all around. I did see the bus driver pushing her and (I think) grabbing her hair. Just bad. The tapes are public record, I’m assuming, since it’s a public school, and were released by the police department.

    Steve – I read the bus driver has been suspended with pay pending an investigation, which is standard protocol in instances like this.

    Thanks for sharing, everyone!

  • Anonymous February 24, 2008, 12:42 am

    the bus driver should’ve handled it differently. If the bus driver had never gotten up, chances are the girl would’ve gotten up & showed her spoiled little ass anyway. The school would’ve handled it & that would have been that. If you can’t handle the smart ass kids, don’t drive the bus! Or in our case in Arkansas, if you’re 70 years old & can’t see too well, maybe it’s time to retire BEFORE you start running over the kids!


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