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Caregiving with Walgreens Home Health Solutions

Mom can easily peruse the Walgreens Home Health Solutions catalog from her home office. Here she is looking at grip bars for her shower. Right now she has to reach far to get to the bar that came with the shower/bathtub, so this could be very useful.



In the past few years, I’ve written quite a bit about my life as an in-home caregiver for my mother. While I love helping her do what she

The Queen Mum

The Queen Mum

needs to do to get through the day, there are stressful moments involved. Some – like mom needing to suddenly be in the hospital or otherwise becoming extremely sick – are unavoidable as she experiences the horrible symptoms that come with kidney failure and dialysis. But fortunately, there are a lot of products on the market, including hospital equipment, that make life easier for both of us.

For instance, I assist my mother in bathing and washing her hair. She can’t shower anymore, so we’ve switched bathrooms to accomodate this. I check her blood sugar and administer insulin. If she has a wound, I help in cleaning and dressing it.

We often struggle with our relationship, because imagine being 65 and requiring bathing assistance, or being 35 and having to help a parent bathe. There’s a lot of humility that requires that kind of work.

To be honest, sometimes the staff in a clinic don’t understand what it means for someone to need help with these things. In spite of what those at the dialysis clinic told her, my mother has been determined to take baths and live as independently as possible. She can drive herself around town, she can cook family meals, she can do a lot on her own and my goal is for that to last as long as possible.



This used to be my bathtub/shower. Because she has a peritoneal catheter permanently attached to her chest for dialysis, she can only take baths. We’ve made a few modifications to this tub, including adding a shower chair (covered with a towel) and a hand-held shower nozzle, but Mom still has difficulty getting in and out of the tub. I’m glad the Walgreens Home Health Solutions shop has items that could make it easier for Mom’s baths, including tub and shower grips.

Fortunately, there are many products on the market that help assist in independent living, such as those available through Walgreens Home Health Solutions. Walgreens offers a number of products that we need to make our lives better, including shower and bath chairs; grab bars and tub rails for easily getting in and out of the bathtub; and wound care supplies.


Wound care is a big part of our home health regimen, as her diabetes and kidney failure make her susceptible to wounds and infections. As you can see, we do some shopping at Walgreens for supplies.

Occasionally my mom takes falls, so I’m glad Walgreens Home Health Solutions offers walkers and other mobility equipment to help my mother make it around the house. Walkers are extremely instrumental in helping someone who has taken a fall be able to walk, and can even be used, as it has in my mother’s case, as a way to get my mom walking again without equipment.


Mom can easily peruse the Walgreens Home Health Solutions catalog from her home office. Here she is looking at grip bars for her shower. Right now she has to reach far to get to the bar that came with the shower/bathtub, so this could be very useful.

I didn’t know that Walgreens Home Health Solutions even offers diabetic shoes!!! If you have diabetes, you are likely to develop problems with your feet – particularly nerve damage. This means you must wear diabetic shoes at all times to avoid being cut, being unable to feel the cut, and suffering an infection. They provide a free Diabetic foot assessment, information on how to learn to care for your feet, heat-molded inserts to match your feet, and a wide selection of stylish diabetic shoes. Things have changed over the years!

Walgreens will even bill Medicare and Medicaid for certain items. And one of the greatest things is that these items can be purchased online and be shipped to your store, and if you decide to have home delivery, orders over $25 are shipped free. Since our Walgreens is just down the street from us, this makes it so convenient to get the supplies we need.

Mom and I were both very impressed with the Walgreens Home Health Solutions catalog. It was extremely easy to navigate, we could check out customer ratings, and view descriptions of products. Since this is the pharmacy my mother has trusted for nearly 15 years, I trust that Walgreens will be there to help my mother and I should we have our home health care concerns or needs.

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