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Cash-only update: Paying in cash makes me cooler than you

I’m on week 3 of the cash-only plan, and lemme tell you: It rocks.

There was a snafu. Yesterday I did have to borrow ten bucks from a friend to get me through until today. I did find myself digging in the change reserves. But at the end of this last pay period, I discovered that I have to spend a lot more time and effort carefully watching my money.

But even today, after getting my check? Even today after cashing it and feeling like Biggie Smalls with a wad of dough in my hand, I knew there were priorities.

Bills, bills, bills. So yeah – I’m still crunching. But I know I have to save up my money for Turkey Day with the family.

So after heading to Wal-Mart to get the money orders and put enough on my prepaid debit card to pay the bills – even while still having some decent money in my hand – I just went straight home. No shopping, no fast food restaurants.

Because I found a great deal on sweet potatoes at Walmizzle (25 cents a pound! DUDE!)

Tonight, I’m going to the bar. I’m bringing my ID and ten bucks in cash. $5 for the cover, 5 for a couple of cheapass beers, and that’s it.

Other reasons paying in cash makes me cooler than you:

– My wallet is fatter! Everybody needs a fat wallet.

– I never have to say “shit, I’ve gotta stop by the ATM!”

– I don’t have any NSF fees. HAW!

– My paycheck does not get eaten up, ever. Ever ever.

– I get to say “Got change for a hundred?”

See? Cash only. It’s awesome.

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