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Cash-only update: This is gonna be tougher than it looks

So I got my first paycheck under the new Cash-Only plan. Instead of having it direct-deposited into my checking account with all those jillions of fees, I got a paper check.

I took my check to Wal-Mart to get it cashed and have it loaded onto my Wal-Mart Visa card. For some crazy reason, I wasn’t able to cash my check at Wal-Mart. I thought it must have been because i was on some shit list somewhere, but it turned out that their check running systemy whatever hadn’t authorized to take checks from my employer.

So, Ugh. I then just headed over to the bank where my employer’s account is, cashed the check with a thumbprint signature, and then felt like a weirdo for having my entire paycheck in my pocket.

So I didn’t get to load the card, although I will put some funds on it soon. I’m going to have to get my employer to authorize their checks to be cashed at Wal-Mart if I want to make this prepaid card work, however, because while I don’t have to pay a reload fee if I deposit my check into my card, I do have to pay a fee of like $4.95 or something if I deposit cash onto it. I still intend to use my card to pay as many bills as possible.

So right now I am literally keeping most of my money stashed away in a cookie jar. I’m looking at it. I can feel the cash. It’s there. And I’m scared as bujeezies to spend it all, so I just hoard it until I absolutely need it.

It’s nice being able to budget this way, though – because I actually do have to think about what I buy and how I go about making smart purchases. Right now I’m thinking of making smart grocery shopping choices as well.

I’ll keep you posted as we continue along this journey.

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