Get a year’s subscription to All You for five bucks!

All You 6 issues for $1.66/issue

I’m typically not a fan of women’s magazines, but the best thing about All You is that the magazine pays for itself in SO many ways. It’s filled with coupons for stuff you use EVERY DAY, it has great and CHEAP recipes that you can make for the family, and much of its content and tips on saving money and living an easier life is contributed by its readers. I’ve seen a friend or two make it in All You and it’s so exciting to squeal and see someone you know getting a page because they’re awesome at saving money.

I also love that in every issue, there is a special page on how to wear a certain item of clothing no matter WHAT your body shape is. Whether you have broad shoulders, a bit more tummy than you want to show, or areas you want to take away from, they have great ideas on what types of cuts and styles to look for.

If you’ve never subscribed to All You before, they have an amazing introductory offer that they’ve extended into March 31, 2014: Get 1 year of ALL You for just $5! Their lowest price ever!I’m tellin’ you, that’s dirt cheap.

Easily drop 5, 10, 15 pounds... right after you eat this cake.

Easily drop 5, 10, 15 pounds… right after you eat this cake.

One slight problem I do have with All You is that it does have the awful guilt-complex cover that so many women’s magazines have. Usually there will be this GINORMOUS photo of a dessert that looks so incredibly awesome, right next to something that talks about how to get rid of those pounds. All I’m thinking of is how much walking or Wii Fit I’m going to have to do to burn off those cupcakes. But usually I don’t eat those cupcakes; I just look and drool just like I do on Pinterest!

So, hey – five bucks – why not? Check out this All You offer here.

Have a great day!

Get Green Lantern No. 1 FREE on Kindle! (Free Kindle Books 12/28)

Free Kindle Books I’d like to thank my friend Frugal Tattooed Lady for compiling regular lists of FREE Kindle books to download. This is so valuable and is such a great way to find independent authors – but now you can get the Graphic novel Green Lantern No. 1 FREE! Lots of other goodies, including a biography on Nikola Tesla, a book on self-hypnosis, and another book called “Manly Knits.” (ooh!)

Here you go!

Mom of the Year
A to Z of Silly Animals – The Best Selling Illustrated Children’s Book for All Ages by Sprogling (The Silly Animals Series)
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Let’s take MOM in for an oil change!

This post is sponsored by Motor Oil Matters. The Motor Oil Matters information and compensation for the oil change have been provided by Motor Oil Matters. All opinions are my own.

A few weeks ago I told you about Motor Oil Matters, and how important it is to make sure the people changing your oil know what they are doing. MOM’s Oil Change Checklist is a great tool in a pdf format, that you can either print out or save on your smartphone to ask your installer important questions, let your installer know that you know what you want and make sure you get it!

Motor Oil Matters gave me the opportunity to get an oil change, and rather than get one myself, I decided to treat my dear, dear friend Rob in for an oil change. Rob was about to make a very long move from northwest Arkansas to Brownsville, Texas; and I spent pretty much every day hanging out with him, so I knew an oil change was needed.



We headed to our local Walmart Tire and Lube center for an oil change. Instead of printing out the MOM checklist, I downloaded thelist in PDF to my smartphone and used it to ask our oil guy the questions.

My big question was about the Viscosity of the oil. The guy at Walmart Tire and Lube was extremely knowledgeable, and told us that the oil they’d be using would match what was on the oil cap in the car.

One thing that concerned me was that I wasn’t sure if the Walmart Tire and Lube Center was not a MOM-licensed installer. I tried using the installer search tool , entered my city and state, and NO results showed up! I hope this isn’t just a site glitch. Walmart is one of the largest provider of oil changers in the nation, so it made my questions a bit more specific than normally. I wanted to make sure that if there was a chance we weren’t going to a licensed provider, we were at least going to a good one.

By the end of my Q&A session with our associate at the Tire and Lube center, I felt confident we were putting Rob’s car into good hands. We got a full oil change, complete with filter. Rob and I left to grab some dinner, and by the time we returned, Rob got his receipt and we were pleased with what was on it – particularly that the filter was replaced, and the oil he received was what his car needed.



So here’s Rob’s car, right before he packed it up and headed to his new job, far, far away. He made it safely to Brownsville and I think we’ve both learned a bit more about what to look for when getting your oil changed! It matters!




Learn why Motor Oil Matters and win a $50 prepaid Visa!!! (ENDS 8/3/13)

0105c101-a952-40d7-abdf-effec56f4b4c This post is sponsored by Motor Oil Matters. The Motor Oil Matters information and gift cards have been provided by Motor Oil Matters. All opinions are my own.

I do not pretend to know anything about automobiles. Like many in my case, I often just take my car to my dealer or the nearest lube station and trust they’ll give me the best oil change ever.

I had no idea there was a checklist I was supposed to follow! All I knew was that whenever the little man popped up amid my dashboard warning lights, it would be time to take my car in for an oil change.

Take note of this little nugget: AAA expects between the major summer holidays of Memorial Day and Labor Day to aid over eight million motorists, and cautions drivers that auto maintenance is key to avoiding summertime travel breakdowns. Ensuring quality motor oil in your car is one way to prevent road trip problems.

It’s important that your motor oil meets certain standards. Get the wrong kind of oil in your car and it will cause carbon buildup and, as a friend of mine explained, “gum up your oil filter and not get enough oil through to your engine.”

Service-locators can be quick to offer discounted services to people who are looking to reduce their automotive maintenance costs. Make sure your service provider is pouring quality motor oil into your car before you decide on a cheaper deal.

To make sure you are getting exactly what you need, Motor Oil Matters has made this handy Oil Change Checklist that you can print out and bring with you next time you get your car serviced. It includes important questions to ask your service technician. Motor Oil Matters also has a handy Oil Change Location Search Tool where you can enter your ZIP and immediately find API-licensed technicians who are MOM-approved!

With that said, MOM wants your next oil change to be free with a $50 prepaid Visa! Just follow the instructions below for your chance to win!!! Good luck on the road and in the giveaway!

Northwest Arkansas Dining: Rolando’s Nuevo Latino, Rogers, Arkansas

Last weekend a friend and I went to one of our favorite northwest Arkansas restaurants, Rolando’s Nuevo Latino in Rogers, Arkansas. Using a $25 gift card I purchased for less than $10 from, We managed to get a three-course meal for only $30!!!! Here’s what we got:

A lovely appetizer of chips and fresh, flavorful guacamole:



I had these beautiful and flavorful chicken quesadillas:



Rob had an awesome chicken dish called Pollo Bohemios:


And we finished with a dessert called Rolando’s bananas, similar to bananas foster and served with ice cream:


After using the $25 gift certificate, the entire bill for this amazing dinner was just over $30, gratuity not included. Not bad for a Saturday night meal!

What amazing restaurants can you save on in your area? sells voucher-style restaurant gift
certificates, always at discount prices. For example, most $25 gift certificates always $10 or less, so already you can save $15 on a $50 meal! At this particular time, I caught a $4 for $25 gift certificates sale – so keep this site bookmarked for any future sales. (I typically wait until the sales to buy my certificates, but sometimes your favorite restaurants can sell out.)

I’m so glad to have a place like Rolando’s right in my community, and to have to help make it easy for me to save money on fine dining.

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