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Five awesome kids’-cereal-themed bobbleheads


1) Sonny from Coco Puffs Is he a Rooster? A Woodpecker? A cuckoo? What kind of bird is Sonny? Whatever he was, Sonny clearly had an undiagnosed behavioral disorder, because every time he happened across any Coco Puffs, he would go completely insane, bounce around and say “I’m CUCKOO for Coco Puffs!!” until he would be shoved offscreen. It was a theme for kids’ cereal mascots to be deprived of the product they were advertising. It was either stolen from them, someone was trying to steal them, or they weren’t meant to be consumed by anyone but children. We shall delve into this later. You can find Sonny for $16.95 at All Bobbleheads.

2. Count Chocula (Bobble Head Bank) Count Chocula was one of the first of the five General Mills Monster Cereal line. Count Chocula and the rest of the monsters were known for acting all scary, and then usually being spooked by something totally non-scary. I think the only difference between Count Chocula and Coco Puffs was marshmallows.

I still love that Count Chocula was a nice vampire who just wanted some cereal. I like that he’s getting to eat some in this bobblehead, which also doubles as a coin bank. You can get this Count Chocula Bobblehead for $24.95 at All Bobbleheads.

3. Dig ‘Em from Sugar Smacks/Honey Smacks/Smacks There was a time when cereals were actually up-front about what was in ’em. They just flat-out told you: We have sugar. Therefore, kids, you’re going to love it. There was a time for a while when Dig ‘Em, the frog mascot for Sugar Smacks, was axed in favor of a bear when the cereal decided to change its name to – get this – Honey Smacks! Oh, that chapped my hide. The cereal was eventually  rebranded “Smacks” and Dig ‘Em returned. You can get this Dig ‘Em Bobblehead for $14.95 at All Bobbleheads.

4. Frankenberry (Bobble Head Bank) I hate it that Frankenberry isn’t as popular as Count Chocula anymore. Ew-fact warning: When Frankenberry was initially introduced, the dye that caused it to turn pink passed through the digestive tract and turned kids’ stool pink. It was called “Frankenberry Stool,” and was the inspiration for a secondary plotline in Stephen King’s novel Cujo.

The harmless-yet-scary incident passed when the cereal was reformulated, and kids are still enjoying Frankenberry today. You can get this Frankenberry Bank Bobblehead for $21.95 from All Bobbleheads. Please don’t eat the bank; I have no idea what could happen to your stool.

5. Silly Rabbit (from Trix) When I was a kid, Trix came in different-colored spheres of sugary, fruity-flavored corn that were absolutely magical. About 20 years ago – most likely because food manufacturers were making generic versions of Trix that parents were then pouring into their unsuspecting kids’ old Trix boxes so they’d think they were eating the high-quality stuff, when there was really no difference.

About 20 years ago, the cereal makers wised up and one-upped the generics. Suddenly the real stuff had swirls, or extra marshmallows, or glittery bits. In Trix’s case, the multi-colored balls were changed to multi-colored fruit shapes. What does any of this have to do with the mascot? Nothing. I just wish for once some kid would take pity on him and give the poor rabbit some Trix. Although maybe it’s because the cleanup would be annoying. You can get this adorable Trix Rabbit Bobblehead for $23.95 from All Bobbleheads.

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