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Chick-flick-hating blogger watches chick-flick, enjoys it

It happened. I went to the movie theater with a gaggle of women over the weekend and I saw He’s Just Not That Into You. And you know what? I liked it. And I am not ashamed, dangit.

I am not your typical thirtysomething single female. I hate chick flicks. If I see one more trailer for another romantic comedy starring Matthew McConaughey and whomever the “it” girl is of the moment, I will puke. I almost did when I saw the trailer for Ghosts of Girlfriends Past right before this film. But anyway.

First of all, I read the book
a few years ago and have learned even in subsequent mistakes that EVERY SINGLE DANG WORD OF IT IS THE TRUTH. There are no “signals.” Men do not hint. They are not that complex.

This film, through an excellent ensemble cast that makes it reminiscent of Four Weddings And A Funeral or Love Actually, is full of laughs, sweetness – and unlike most chick-flicks, it has real, close-to-home moments with which any woman who has ever been involved with more than two men in her life can identify.

Like the waiting by the phone.

Like the wondering if he is going to call.

Like the DISSECTING of EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION you have EVER HAD with a man of interest. “There were signals! He said it was nice to meet me! And he remembered the drink I had!”

And other, harsher moments that made me grab my jacket and cover my face. “THAT’S ME!”, I said to my friends, who agreed they’d done the same damn things over dudes who totally weren’t “it.”

I wasn’t sure how they would take a non-fiction essay book and turn it into a romantic comedy, but they managed to work well with elements of the book and make it into a storyline with likeable characters. I will say, however, that none of the characters are so likeable that they could stand on their own. Perhaps that’s why the film has so many story arcs within it.

Anyhoo. What also separates this from a lot of other chick-flicks is that most of the men who Just Aren’t That Into the ladies really aren’t such bad guys themselves.

Women are socially trained to believe if a guy is not into you, he’s a complete douche and he doesn’t see the awesomeness you’ve got going on. And that all you have to do is dress really hot and be over him and he will totally miss what he once had.

The thing is, it’s not how it is. A lot of times those fellas are just better off with someone else. Doesn’t make ’em bad, just doesn’t make ’em the right fit for you. And this film has a pretty fun way of reinforcing that.

So, hey. It’s good. Would it be a great date flick? I don’t know, but my sister-in-law dragged my brother to see it, and she reported that he said it “wasn’t bad.”

So there you go.

Oh, and it has a really good soundtrack, too.

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  • Sherri March 10, 2015, 5:58 pm

    I do love chick flicks and chick lit. What I really don’t like is the icky romance stuff…… :)


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