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Review: Chunks O’ Fruti 100% Natural Frozen Fruit Bars


I love fruit, I love frozen treats in the hot summer, and I really love anything that uses the term “O” instead of “of.”

So I was very excited to get to try out Chunks O’ Fruti frozen fruit bars, now available in Sam’s Club locations nationwide and in Walmart stores across Florida.

Fruit is the FIRST ingredient in these bars, which makes me and my diabetic mother very happy.

I found Chunks O’ Fruti bars near the frozen treats at my local Sam’s Club. 18 bars for $8.98? Pretty good deal!

You may be asking: “Why are they called ‘Fruti? Is ‘fruti’ some kind of disguise to cover up any real existence of fruit?” Have no fear! ‘Fruti’ is simply a diminutive of the spanish word fruta. And I’ve tried these bars, and yes – they have fruit in ’em. And lots of fruit, indeed!

These bars are kosher, gluten and dairy-free, and for a frozen fruit bar, they are low in sugar. For diabetics, glucose tolerance varies from person to person, but for my mom, a snack with 15g of carbs is pretty acceptable as a dessert or in between meals.

These have an average of 20g of carbs, so Mom could have one of these once a day and still maintain her glucose levels.

Chunks O’ Fruti are available at Sam’s Club in packs of 18 bars. They’re also packaged for resale, so you can ask your local convenience store manager or vending machine guy to start stocking them!

For the Sam’s Club at-home customer, that means the nutrition information is readily available on each bar, so guests who may have certain food allergies or concerns can read the label to make sure they can eat them.

Here’s the back of the box, along with nutrition info (click image to zoom):

I might also add that when you open the box, you get four smaller boxes – one for each flavor: Strawberry Colada, Pineapple, Caribbean Mix and Strawberry. It makes for much easier storage in the freezer!

I opted to try the Caribbean Mix, because I like fruit blends and because it immediately put Billy Ocean’s hit song ‘Caribbean Queen’ in my head. It’s a mix of strawberry, pineapple, mango and passion fruit and coconut – all listed as the first ingredients!

Once opened, the bar looked amazing. Pretty as a picture. I could definitely tell that fruit was the main point of this bar, and I was going to have some, and it would make me very happy on this hot evening in June.

I have sensitive teeth, so I’m often wary about trying frozen bars, but these didn’t bother my teeth at all. In fact, I was ready to bite into ’em in no time. What a delicious 130-calorie midnight snack!

This morning, mom tried a Strawberry bar for the first time. (Strawberry’s her favorite flavor). She described the bars as “Excellent.” So, that’s two for two!

Chunks O’ Fruti has a lot more flavors listed on its web site – including Lime, Mango, Coconut Cream and even Low-Fat Chocolate Yogurt! Where can I get some of those flavors? Not here yet, but hopefully soon.

For more information, follow @frutifruitbars on Twitter or visit their Facebook page at Happy summer and stay cool, everyone!

I was given free product in exchange for this review. All opinions and photos are 100% mine unless indicated otherwise.

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