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Clipix: One Step Beyond your social media organization

This morning I’ve been playing around with clipix, which you’re probably going to read a lot about from other bloggers in the coming days. It’s an awesome new way to organize your online life: Letting you “clip” articles, photos, book recommendations, cool stuff you want to buy… and organize them neatly on clipboards.

Now, if you’ve used other photo- and idea-sharing sites out there, you should be extremely comfortable with how easy it is to use. All you have to do is drag the “Clip” button to your bookmark bar, and from almost any page you browse, you’ll be able to clip articles, keep them to yourself or share them with friends.

There are social media options with Clipix – right now you can sign up for Clipix through Twitter or Facebook, can invite Twitter or Facebook friends to join, and can share your clips on these sites as well.

This morning I used Clipix to grab some interesting blog posts that I want to read later, and also used it to grab some recommendations from Goodreads.

I also grabbed some funny news/op-eds I wanted to share with others. Here’s one of my clipboards: 

I did, however, encounter some problems: I wasn’t able to clip recommendations from Amazon, because  the only images that showed up weren’t of the books or items in my list, but rather the images advertising promotions within the site. Big disappointment there because I do use Amazon a lot; but this seems to be more of a security issue on Amazon’s end, which is understandable.

I’d also like to see Clipix expand as an Android app. The Android market is completely devoid of anything that allows image-rich article-sharing. I’d also like to see Clipix expand to add the ability to share to Google Plus, LinkedIn and other social media sites.

If Clipix continues to grow and change, i can easily see a lot of social media users flocking to it. It’s a great way to share ideas, and not just of images. It’s a great way to brainstorm with yourself or with others. Before I close out with this video, I recommend you sign up, add my clipix profile so I can add you back, and let’s have fun with this together!

I’d love to read your opinions on this. Is it like anything you’ve tried before? Do you think it has a chance of being one of The Next Big Things?

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