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Coffee and…. tacos? Downtown Bentonville’s Farm-to-Table Brunch


This is a sponsored post for Storyline. All opinions are my own.

So, there are many things I love: A hearty cup o’ Joe if I have to get up before 10 on Saturday morning; local food; a delicious mimosa; and TACOS. I had no idea I would enjoy such things all together in one place, but thanks to Downtown Bentonville Inc.’s final Farm to Table event of the season, I was able to do this. AND HOW.


The event was held September 20 at Airship Coffee – which is actually a coffee wholesale producer! Yep, they process the beans right there. I was so happy to be told about how my cup of fair-trade coffee came from growers in places like Ethiopia, Brazil, Venezuela, Guatemala and El Salvador, and the process of how it ended up in my hands.


Learning one of the many ways coffee is processed from green bean to my cup.

Learning one of the many ways coffee is processed from green bean to my cup.

I was so excited to see Airship Coffee Owner Eric Bray, because I’d actually met him in my reporter days several years ago when he was a Benton County Extension Agent, just starting to work on the side with growers in other countries to produce and distribute fair-trade coffee. We had a small chat, got to catch up, and I truly am amazed that he’s been able to transform his talents in working with and distributing from workers to a full-time career with a warehouse full of coffee beans and grounds from countries where growers need a sustainable income in order to survive and thrive.


Airship Coffee Owner Mark Bray chatting with Nicki Dallison of Downtown Bentonville Inc.

Airship Coffee is sent to brewers across the country; and the only place where you can buy it locally is at the Bentonville Farmer’s Market. Bray told me it was part of the company’s aim to connect consumers with those who produce their food. Regardless, you only have a few weeks left to go and pick up some grounds!

In addition to the coffee, we had some AMAZING mimosas served to us (see the pic at the top of the page). The Trickdilly food truck was also there to serve up some amazing tacos. Trickdilly owner Troy Walker said they create gourmet tacos that are different than those you’ve conventionally heard of; they like to combine Arkansas tastes with the handy, portable food.

Check out these Watermelon and Brisket tacos. Now, I’m not a Watermelon person, but my friend Jasmine assured me that they were absolutely delicious. I do believe that’s goat cheese in there. Yum!

But THESE were the tacos that made me want to get a megaphone and tell the entire region about: The Chicken n’ Waffles tacos. I mean, I cannot begin to describe how incredibly tasty these things were. If you love home-cooked food and the sweet and savory combination of chicken and waffles, you will LOVE these.


Stare into the depths of the Taco.  These were going fast, and I had to keep my eye on the table to see when the Trickdilly folks were going to bring them out next. I originally got this one one to split with Jasmine, but she lost by chatting with someone else and, well, I am a firm believer in No Taco Left Behind.

I’m really excited to see the exciting things that Downtown Bentonville Inc. is doing to bring the community with local businesses and local food. I have seen this area of the city completely transform since I moved here in 2005, and I’m sure in another ten years it will look completely different, and there will be much more to offer.

Be sure to like Downtown Bentonville Inc. on Facebook to see what they’ll be cooking up in the future! Especially be on the lookout for the First Friday events.

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