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You’re going to do cool stuff.

This guest post is from friend, writer and published novelist Aaron Dietz

You may already have, so you may already know this, but I wanted to share it to be sure.

When I was young, I imagined doing all this awesome stuff, and sometimes when I think about all the awesome stuff I imagined doing I get depressed because I never did any of it.

But then I have to remember that I did end up doing all kinds of things that were amazing and wonderful and actually, in many cases, probably were better than anything I could have imagined.

And the reason why I was able to do all these amazing things was pretty much because I lived long enough. It’s not because of luck or skill. I just lived long enough. So it’s almost like a guarantee: you’re going to do cool stuff.
When you’re young, you think you’re in control of your future. As you get older, you realize, you pretty much just have to go with the flow, and do what comes your way.

When I was young, I figured I’d become an astronaut, invent some new science-y stuff, be a rock star, cure cancer, and walk on water.

As it turns out, I have done none of these things, and really only regret not curing cancer (yet).

However, most of the time, I’m completely okay with my lack of what my younger self would call success because of the amazing things that somehow came my way.

I’m going to list just a few, now, because that’s a healthy thing to do, and I suggest you do it, too.

1. Once, I took a 400 page book and turned right to the page I wanted, on the very first try.

2. I got to follow Phoenix Jones, the most well-known real life superhero in the world, on one of his patrols (I got to see him make a citizen’s arrest!).

3. I went skydiving (I have a fear of heights).

4. I experienced at least 15 minutes of fame as a MySpace blogger.

5. I helped talk a friend out of suicide.

6. I wrote a novel. You know, as in, I actually finished it.

7. I found a little bird trapped in a building and carried it down six flights of stairs in my hands, its tiny heart beating against my fingers, and then I watched it fly away into the blue sky.

That’s just a small list. I’ve done other stuff, too! I’m hoping that you’ll tell us about the cool stuff that somehow life allowed you to do, so leave a comment if you have some accomplishments to share!

Aaron Dietz is the author of Super, a novel from Emergency Press about commitment, crisis, paperwork, and heartbreak. Dietz’s super powers include a high metabolism and the ability to put things back where he got them. He’s also pretty good at math. Dietz writes for, blogs, and is an advisory editor of KNOCK Magazine.

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  • H January 21, 2012, 6:44 am

    Love it! Great list! And a nice activity all around I’d say!

    I feel compelled to list some too!:

    1. I grew people inside me and then they came out.

    2. I drove three hours to NYC in a seriously bad rainstorm to pick up my husband and kids at the airport. (I hate/fear/loathe driving.)

    3. I’ve taught my dog over 20 commands. She usually listens.

    4. Once, my heart got enlarged and almost “failed.” My body (with the help of meds) passed it instead (a D is passing).

    5. I have produced a variety of “that’s what she said” comments, such as “take it out, it’s burning,” “why is this one so small?” and “I’m just going to leave it out because it won’t stay in anyway!”

    6. Some students have written to me that before my class they hated poetry (or other forms of writing, but mostly poetry) but that after my class they like it! Sometimes even BEST after all! I was a part of that!


    • Bellesouth
      January 21, 2012, 12:14 pm

      Thanks Heather!

      I’ll add my own list:

      1. I taught a 14-year-old kid to read.

      2. I rode in a hot-air balloon! (I never will again, though.)

      3. I made things with my own two hands that people actually BOUGHT.

      4. I was interviewed on live television by Star Jones.

      5. I met Giorgio Tsoukalos, the host and hair-in-charge of Ancient Aliens.

      6. I traveled to a foreign country ALL BY MYSELF.

  • Aaron Dietz
    February 1, 2012, 11:24 pm

    Those are awesome lists! I could never go to a foreign country by myself. Eek! I’m far too shy and afraid of people.


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