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Dog in a blanket



My dog has suffered anxiety issues for quite some time. I can’t believe that after nearly three years of being his parent, I realized his love of being smooshed into tight spaces – whether it be between my leg and the arm of a chair, forming a fort with throw pillows or just snuggling really, really close to me at night were part of that anxiety.

So a few mornings ago, after we had our regular walk, I wanted to crawl back in bed. Then I got an idea to make him feel secure. I put a shirt on him, then I wrapped him tightly in some blankets. By the time I was done he looked like the eye of a big blanket Typhoon.

And you know what? When I came back an hour later, he was still in that same place, snug as ever, resting quietly.

I’ve heard amazing things about the Thundershirt, which I asked Santy Paws to get Sebastian for Christmas this year. You may have heard of this item, which is recommended by pet owners and people who work in the pet industry. This is the item description that sold me:

The shirt delivers constant, gentle pressure to create a dramatic calming effect.

Now, I’ve seen Sebastian squeeze his way between me and my boyfriend to join us for a movie, squish his way in between couch cushions, and do everything he can to be sandwiched in.

He’s hiding somewhere in there.

Sometimes I wonder if he’ll ever make it out alive, but inevitably, he’ll get himself out of that snug fortress he’s created with my body, a throw pillow, a blanket and the sofa. A Doggy Houdini, if I’ve ever seen one.

This year we decided to go a non-traditional route and not ask Santy Paws for any toys. Of course, his grandmother broke that rule during a trip to the store, but I think she’s supposed to do that.

I really think Sebastian will like his new Thundershirt and my hope is that it will make him a little less anxious.


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