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A few totally cheap, totally green holiday gift-giving tips!!!!!

Woohoo! I hope you guys are greening it up this holiday season.

The best part about environmentalism is that it’s cheap. If you reuse what you have, you can totally save money, save long lines at the store and be creative with your gift-giving.

Don’t send out holiday cards – send out a holiday e-mail! Write a nice “How i’m doing” update, format it as a word document or PDF, put in some photos of yourself and the kids and the dog, and send it out to all the folks whose email addresses you have. Snail-mail people can get regular cards/printed letters from you. Saves you money, saves the landfills extra waste.

• If you are really popular and you happen to be inundated with holiday cards this year, instead of throwing them away when the season is over, use the front of the cards as gift tags! You can cut ’em down and they’re PERFECT for this.

The newspaper (not just the comics section) makes great gift wrap!!!! The most awesome part about it is that you can use different sections to suit the personality of your family members! Wrap Dad’s tie in the sports section! Wrap your grandmother’s holiday ornament in the crosswords! Wrap your Obama-loving sister’s new sweater vest in Ann Coulter’s latest column to get revenge on her for the fruitcake she sent you last year! See?

Give a gift bag that keeps on giving. You know what’s cheaper than a gift bag? Those environmentally-friendly mesh shopping bags. They sell for about a buck at Wal-Mart or your local grocery store, and the most expensive ones are about the same as any gift bag. Use that as a gift bag instead of a fancy one, stick a tag on it that you’ve created from one of your holiday cards, and the gift recipient has something new to take to the store next time they shop. They’ll thank you, since that’ll mean they won’t be filling the cabinets under the kitchen sink with plastic shopping bags.

What about y’all? Any environment-saving holiday tips?

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