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The FURminator: Hated by dogs, loved by pet owners

This is one pissed-off pooch. Those feet he’s next to? Those aren’t mine. Those feet belong to my mother, who is sitting at her desk.
Sebastian is pissed at me and I don’t care, because I totally used the FURminator on him.
I want to say that the people who make the FURminator are not compensating me to write this, but lemme tell you that this is one of the finest inventions I have ever discovered.
A friend introduced me to the FURminator last week when Sebastian and I were visiting and I was discussing how much Sebastian shed when I bathed him last week. They handed me the Furminator, which looks like a Canadian ice scraper, to borrow – and, well, I’ve already ordered one.
If you don’t believe it looks like an industrial ice scraper, have a looksie at this:

Look at that! This is hard-core. This is serious business. The FURminator has these magic metal teeth that get in there and within a few brushes, get to the undercoat that makes your dog shed, produces dander, and causes your entire house to look like shag carpeting.
The first time I used the FURminator on Sebastian he was all “ooh, this is nice. I’m getting a massage!” as I grabbed tons and tons of nasty fur from his coat.
But now he looks at it and cowers in fear. I don’t know what Cesar Millan would say about how I could make this grooming experience pleasant, but he’ll let me brush for a little while and then he’ll run off and hide by seeking his grandmother’s attention or running into his crate and letting me know full well that he is not pleased that I have groomed him.
But I don’t care. I ordered me one of these. They typically sell for about 50 bucks retail but if you scan the online markets you can find them for about 20 bucks. Look right here; Amazon’s sellin’ it for about 20 bucks. There are three sizes of the FURminator. One for Large dogs, medium-sized dogs and small dogs and cats. I think I got the one for cats, because he’s a small dog.

Here is what the FURminator grabbed this morning:

That’s just nasty. But at least it’s in the trash and not on my couch. I think every dang person who owns a pet should own one of these. This is a miracle. And it’s also a great way to get your dog to get in his crate when he’s supposed to.

Yes, today I get to be a mean pet mama. Just once. Lemme be the mean mom! Sebastian will be out and ready to play again soon, and he’ll be a happier dog for not having all that nasty fur to lug around.

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  • Deborah Dera
    November 21, 2012, 11:45 am

    I have a FURminator for my cat and he loves it. He gets up on the bathroom counter and waits to be brushed (to his tolerance level on any given day). Wonderful invention!


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