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Diminish Your Carbon Footprint on the Golf Course: Green Living and Playing


By Lisa Mason

Do you love to golf but also love the environment? Golf is played my millions of people in nearly every country around the world. As the popularity of the sport and pastime grows, so does the need for more courses but this takes its toll on the environment. The equipment, gear and clothing that are used can also increase your carbon footprint.

But there are some things you can do to enjoy your favorite game without having a large impact on the earth. Here are some ways to go green on the green.

Equipment – It seems as though every year there are better clubs and balls that help to make your game better, too.  Many people buy the latest gadget and then do not like it.  So you might be able to pick up slightly used equipment and save money as well as help save the environment from waste. If you do buy new, donate your used club to a secondhand store so someone else can use it.  When you break a club, do not just throw it away.  These are not biodegradable.  It is more environmentally friendly to recycle the club instead.

Supplies – Of course, you need to bring some supplies with you when you are on the course.  You need to drink plenty of water.  One way to be eco-friendly is to buy a refillable water bottle that has a filter in it.  Brita has some great options. You can use tap water to fill it up and all of the chemicals are sifted out.  Also, never leave your garbage on the course.  Either bring it back with you or use the proper receptacle that is provided for you.

Watch Your Divots – Be careful how you shoot on the green.  A great deal of the carbon footprint is the amount of water it takes to make the course playable.  When you create a huge divot, it takes more water to repair it than simply watering the area.  If you do create a divot, at least put the clump of sod and grass back in place so that the roots do no die.

Skip the Golf Cart – Not only is walking better for the environment, it is also better for you.  You can shoot a round of golf and get some exercise.  The batteries from these carts are not environmentally friendly and they need to be recycled when they run out of juice. While it’s not always practical or possible to walk, you should do so whenever you can.

It is possible to have a great day of golf while still being environmentally friendly.  You just need to pay attention to what you are doing and walk rather than riding a golf cart.  Use recycled materials when possible and when you can, rent that new piece of equipment that you wanted to try out rather than buying it and throwing it away.

About Lisa:

Lisa Mason is a freelance writer and social media marketer with more than 10 years of experience. As VP of Special Media for Social Media Sun, she makes sure that readers have access to the most relevant and helpful information that she uses to provide social media solutions to her clients. She is also the founder and head writer of Sports Zone Media.

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