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Happy National Unfriend Day! Are you ready to purge?

Wow, what a day! It’s Facebook’s National Unfriend Day! Time to weed out your friend lists and get down to the ones who really care.

This should promote self-awareness, ego-checking, and STFUing when necessary – all things I need to do today anyway.

Facebook didn’t plan it, Jimmy Kimmel announced it on his show last week and got several celebrities in on the endorsement, including William Shatner and Eastbound and Down’s Danny McBride, whom you see here:

I must admit – I’m one of those people who provides constant updates on Facebook. I work from home, I do have the most adorable dog, and yes, I do suffer under the delusion that everyone wants to know where I am, how my dog is doing and any other nonsense.

Meanwhile, I have Facebook-Friended a lot of people whom I’ve realized aren’t really my friends. Like this one guy who threw tiny wads of paper in my hair during Junior High. Does he comment on my updates? Do I comment on his? No. He’s leaving today.

I’ve already started unfriending. There was a point when I had more than 1,000 friends and I’ve cut it back to 700-something. Today I mean business and you should too. That guy who posts Facebook updates on how many Mafia Wars weapons he needs? Gone. The girl who posts crazy Youtube conspiracy theories about President Obama being the son of aliens? Gone. Or the 12-year-old you friended so you could add more to your Castle Age Army? Let them go. They are not your friends.

Friends converse with you. Friends won’t freak out if you accidentally butt-dial them while you’re driving. Friends make plans with you. And we’ve all been guilty of casually friending people we don’t even deal with on a regular basis.

So, join me, America. UNited we Stand.

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