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Have seasonal allergies? Eat local, honey!

Buying local honey is not only a great way to support community farmers and help fight the bee shortage from this winter , but it can also be an immunity boost for seasonal allergy sufferers.

As a lifelong allergy and asthma sufferer, I know what the spring months usually mean for me: watery eyes, sniffling, sneezing, wheezing and usually the onset of a respiratory infection.

I was told by a health professional several years ago about the benefits of buying local honey. Since bees make honey by gathering the pollen from all the plants in their region,  when you eat honey harvested as close to you as possible, you’re actually building up resistance to what is setting off your allergies.

It’s Farmers Market season, and local harvesters should be at your nearby market to sell off their honey. It’s very important to support these folks, because 1/3 of American bees did not survive the winter. And when bees don’t survive, America’s crops do not flourish and we suffer increased production costs and possible food shortages.

Concerns should be addressed with your physician before beginning this treatment, particularly if you have been hospitalized for your allergies. Use your best judgment. Try a little bit of honey at first, and if you have any major allergic reactions, put a stop to it and see a doctor immediately.

Try to get honey that is within 30 miles of where you live. The closer to you, the better. The National Honey Board has a Honey Locator you can use to find farmers local to you. However, I wasn’t able to use this to find anyone local to me. Check with local Farmers Markets to find some. Even if there isn’t a harvester in your area, ask local growers if they know anyone who sells.

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