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Housekeeping, and trying not to scare the dudes away

So I’m getting away from the creepy pink color, which, as one person described it, “feels like I’m in a woman’s vagina.”

I’m still not too crazy about this color scheme; then again, I wasn’t too crazy about the old one. But I’m not in the business of tweaking XML templates. If there is any web- or dude-person who can help me get the look I want without screwing with my widgets or anything like that, I will promise you a basquillion dollars and totally not deliver (but I will give you kudos in my blog so that at least 80 people a day will know who you are.)

So, this is my attempt not to intimidate the dudes so much, I guess. I mean, yeah, it’s still pretty girly.

But still. Dudes. Haven’t you heard of RSS feeds? Sheesh.

Happy Veterans Day!!! I was going to post some Dixie Chicks, but then again, that would take away from the dudes I’m trying to attract here.

So instead, here’s Michael Penn’s “Walter Reed.”

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