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How Bellesouth Pays The Bills: MySurvey

Ooh. NEW segment! I’m going to review programs and services that I use online to make real, actual money. I will give the Word-of-Mouth Marketing spiel and say I will never review anything that I have not used myself. I will grade these programs on the A to F scale, and I will not give good grades to companies that do poorly. All clear now?

Here we go. First up:


Grade: B (legitimate program, doesn’t sell your info; modest but decent payoff)

I’ve been a member of MySurvey for nearly a decade. My longtime friend Kathy over at the Pine Valley Bulletin told me about it a very long time ago, sent me a referral, and I still use it to take surveys and make money.

Most survey opportunities give you, oh, about five points. But if you qualify for longer surveys, you can earn up to 500 points!

Sometimes the surveys take a few weeks to complete. For instance, a survey may ask you how many times you take OTC pain relief meds over a period of four weeks, and to record it into a log each day. Survey topics can range from a number of consumer issues, including shopping habits, health and lifestyle, what kind of beverages you consume, your online activity, or what kind of car you drive.

The surveys can get kind of long, so just prepare for it if you want the rewards. And answer the questions truthfully; otherwise you may not end up with products you want in stores! You can ALWAYS opt out of any survey if you aren’t comfortable. For instance, I’m not into completing surveys that require I install something on my PC, or that ask info that’s a bit too personal for my tastes, so I opt out of those.

The Rewards are either in the form of Paypal payments or in gift certificates to a number of stores. You can start withdrawing your reward points early on. For instance, 1000 points can get you a $10 donation to one of several humanitarian organizations, including OxFam, Doctors Without Borders, Habitat For Humanity, The Make A Wish Foundation, Amnesty International and several others.

1000 points can also get you a few titles on DVD and a few online gift certificates. For 1100 points, you can receive a $10 payment from Paypal. There are lots of reward options available. It’s easily comparable to travel rewards programs, only instead of having to stay in hotels, rent cars or fly commercial airlines, you get to sit at home and take surveys for free.

By no means is MySurvey a replacement for a real job; not even a minimum-wage one. But it is a nice way to earn some extra income when you’re bored, and once every year you can get yourself a little something special with all the points you earned just for answering surveys.

After all these years, MySurvey has never sold my information or caused me any headaches with junk mail, unsolicited phone calls or other shady deeds. They’ve been around a very long time, and have only gotten better and expanded their rewards over the years.

So if you’d like some extra cash, I highly recommend you give MySurvey a shot!

Disclosure: I am a member of the MySurvey affiliate program through Escalate Network. While I receive commission for referrals made through this post, the opinions and experiences shared in this review are 100% mine.

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