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How Technology Improves the Lives of Writers


By Lisa Mason, Guest Post

Technology has come a long way even in just the past 20 years and it’s definitely changing the way many people perform their jobs, writers included. We all know that computers make it much easier and faster to type but what other improvements has technology brought to the writer’s life?

Cut Down Your Research Time

No matter what type of writer you are, there is a great deal of research that often goes into your projects. From online article writers to fiction authors and more, you need to research your subject matter, cite sources and facts and gather information on your topic. In the past, the preferred methods of doing this were:

  • At the library
  • In person interviews

Now, we have an incredible wealth of information at our fingertips thanks to the Internet. You can arrange an interview with someone from anywhere in the world, get the public opinion on a topic or gather quotes for an article using your social media accounts.

Improve Word Processing Functions

In the past, writers had typewriters. They were a big improvement on their predecessor writing tools but they did not offer much in the way of editing. If you made a mistake, you either had to type the entire page or you had to use a correction fluid to white out the mistake and type over it.

After typewriters came word processors and these electronic devices gave us more options than typewriters. I had an old Brother myself when I first began writing as a teen and it showed 4 lines of text in my little screen box at a time. It had some basic editing and spellcheck functions as well.

But now we have so much more in the way of word processing. There are software tools for your computer such as:

Get Mobile

Not too long ago, an index card in your back pocket was the best way to jot down notes, a writer always had a notebook and pen ready and we recorded interviews in devices with miniature cassette tapes inside. Now, technology is all about going mobile. We have iPods and iPads, Smartphones and laptops, netbooks and wireless Internet connections. We can get online nearly anywhere, type with a device that fits in the palm of our hand and check our email for messages from our phones. We are more mobile than ever before and this makes writing easier, no matter what field you are in.

I once covered a murder trial and it was easy to spot the media row in the courtroom. Every journalist was typing away on our mobile devices and trying to be the first to get that great quote or that new piece of testimony into our stories and back to the station before the other guy.

Allow Networking

Another benefit from technology is that it allows writers more networking opportunities. There is social media, forums, private groups and websites, job boards, blog rings and so much more. There are places to meet other writers, market your writing, market your services, connect with clients and more. The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to networking.

How does technology help you find places to publish? Does it cut down your research time? Has it helped you to increase your readership? Tell us about it in the comments!

About the Author:

Lisa Mason is a freelance writer and social media marketer with more than 10 years of experience. As VP of Special Media for Social Media Sun, she makes sure that readers have access to the most relevant and helpful information that she uses to provide social media solutions to her clients. She is also the founder and head writer of Sports Zone Media.

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