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How to make your head explode during this election season

My favorite thing to do? Keep up with the polls.

I just wish America would make up its got-dang mind about who it wants to elect President.

If you subscribe to Gallup Daily it’s like being in line at McDonald’s during rush hour when the lady in front of you can’t figure out what she wants from the menu.

“Um…I want a McRib…NO make that a six-piece chicken mcnuggets…NO make that a salad…” OH FOR CRAP’S SAKE.

I know that the Swing Votes are counting and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who my candidate of choice is, but seriously. I am being driven nuts. Obama’s on top. No he’s not. yes he is NO! NO NO NO!

And every publication has different results.

Want to go even more insane? Go to and check out how the electorate map stacks up on a day to day basis. Just yesterday the dems had 244 votes of the 270 needed to win the election. Today? They’ve got 202 behind the Repug’s 208, with now more than 100something votes in the “who knows what in the crap they want” category.

Will I still have all my hair by the time this election is over? Who the hell knows.

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  • RevDGBaker September 19, 2008, 12:30 am

    There’s nothing these polls tell us that we don’t already know from conversations with those around us. Of course, I’m equally addicted to following them on a daily basis.

    I can’t wait until the election is over so we can get back to actually creating change with people across all party lines instead of just talking about it.

  • Misha September 19, 2008, 6:12 am

    I subscribe to

    It is crazy, they put all of the polls together and use some formulation to allow for bias or something and then spit out a number.

    How can anyone still be undecided?
    I guess I should be pleased that folks are actually thinking about their vote, rather than just voting their party line, but still.

    Things should settle down after the debates. MSNBC’s Chuck Todd says that whoever is ahead in the polls on October 15th will be the winner.


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