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‘I got my democracy on. Did you?’

The following is a log of texts and tweets I have received today from folks voting and working to protect the polls on Election Day.

It has felt so good to get messages from all sorts of folk from across the country.

From my twitter log:

melissaar: I am in Sikeston, MO home of Lambert’s cafe, helping with voter protection

anaisamy: Husband got to the polls before they opened – said there r long lines. Maybe he’ll still be there when I get there so I can cut. Haha

JasonFalls: Line to vote this morning was 150-yards long at my precinct. Good sign. Never had a line before.

ljwalter: voted. busy polling place. felt good, exciting seeing so many taking the time to cast a vote.

chitselb: Happy Obama Day!

cclepew: OK, enough playing around. Time to go.

dbzero: In and out in an hour. Sticker on the collar. No excuses.

domesticat: Matthew, friend in DC, reports getting in voting line at 6:05amET. Wait time before he voted: 1.5 hours

Cheezitz: About to go vote. SO excited!

cclepew: I got my democracy on. Did you?

petetoscano: Voted this morning. Lines where I voted in NoVA were great.

heezy: Its mother fuckin election time!!

arkansasblog: No lines reported at most Little Rock polls at 9 a.m. Hmmm

bellesouth: Democracy is now! Remember your city council is just as important as your President!

JustJulie: Just got out of the shower and heading down to the rec center to vote! I feel like a little kid at Christmas

dedejustdede: Totally shocked today is election day. Been thinking it’s the 11th – next week. Dropping my ballot off this AM.

micahmj11: I think I’ll buy a pumpkin pie…just in case there is cause to celebrate tonight!

dbzero: Electronic voting is causing a problem in major urban centers. In other news, sky reported as being blue, grass green.

From Facebook:

Trina says due to lengthy voting lines, all Obama supporters are being asked to cast their ballot on Wednesday.

Daryl cant wait to cast his democratic ballot tommorow!

Daryl is shaking his fist at those tricky republicans.

Daryl is mostly reassured that he was able to vote early and often.

Kari just voted. Have you? Have ya, have ya? VOTE!!!!!!!!!!

Tessa Vote for Obama! Vote NO on 8 and NO on 4.

Emily has voted (a bit more than 2 1/2 hours) and is going to volunteer.

Hammett has done his part.

From my text messages:

Kate in Tulsa: Gonna vote vote vote like a tiny baby stoat! Good morning!

Debbie in northwest Arkansasizzle: I have a sticker that says- I VOTED. heh

Evie in northwest Arkansizzle: I’m so excited to vote. Even though I’ll be in line forever.

Evie: Voting was quick. Ready for lunch whenever you are.

And there you have it. And all by 11:15 a.m. CST. Get out there and vote some more!

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  • Julie November 4, 2008, 7:10 pm

    It’s such a fun day online today! I can’t imagine ANYONE getting ANY work done today!

  • Bellesouth November 4, 2008, 7:14 pm

    Tell me about it. Blah, I wish they’d turn the TV on at work!


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