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I trust women – Blog For Choice Day 2010

Last year, Dr. George Tiller, one of the most publicized doctors who performed abortions, was shot through the eye while attending a service at the Reformation Lutheran Church in Wichita, Kan. He was murdered by a man who is now claiming that he did so to protect the lives of the unborn.

Dr. Tiller’s motto was “Trust Women.” He had buttons made and wore one on his lapel. He had heard the stories of women.

Anti-choice groups will slap Dr. Tiller with the tag of “Late Term Abortionist.” Bill O’Reilly called him “George Tiller, The Baby Killer.” But Dr. Tiller performed late term abortions on women whose children would be born dead or dying. Or women facing life-threatening complications. Or women who had been raped. Or ten-year-old girls.

These were trusted women, who for a number of reasons, had to make a very tough decision.

And here’s why I trust women: Because women know the situations they are in. They know whether or not the condom broke, or whether or not the baby’s father was a rapist or whether he wouldn’t step in. They know the risks of having a child, either medically or situationally. And I trust women to be in the care of a physician rather than in the care of an unlicensed quack who uses unsanitary equipment. And I trust women to be in the care of a physician rather than taking extreme measures to terminate their pregnancies.

Before and even after Roe v. Wade, women died. Often bleeding to death and left behind by the fathers of their would-be children.

I trust women because I don’t want to see them die. It is a shame that people put a decision in such black-and-white terms. When none of us know. All we must do is trust women.

Blog For Choice Day

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