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If you voted against gay adoption in Arkansas, you deserve the "Totally Awesome" award

No, seriously! Thanks to the 57 percent of you in Arkansas who voted for Initiated Act 1, which prohibits unmarried couples from adopting or fostering children. You guys are SO awesome! I just know you’re all submitting your applications to the Department of Human Services right now to adopt or foster a special-needs child RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT!

See, as a single woman who loves children, and wants all children to be loved, I’m considering fostering or adopting a child through the state’s Department of Human Services.

So eight months ago I went to the DHS web site to look at all the kids up for adoption. See, as I’m sure you voters know, you can see the photographs of all the children who are looking for loving families. I don’t make much money now, but if I ever do I’d love to take in a kid who needs a good home.

A number of these children live with mental and physical disabilities. A number of them are minorities. Some of them would love to be housed with their siblings. And they are all absolutely adorable and sweet.

Some are as old as 17 and have never known a family. I’m so glad that you have decided to keep those who aren’t in married-couple households from adopting or fostering these kids. I’m so glad that you’ve decided to keep ME and other unmarried straight folk from adopting or fostering them!!!! I’m so GLAD you really care about families!

It says to me that you’ve obviously made a commitment to house these children. I mean, sure, there are three times as many kids in Arkansas who need to be adopted than the number of homes available for them. I mean, sure, you’ve never really stepped up to the plate before. But surely now – now that you’ve cast your vote to keep the homosexual, spinster agenda out of the minds of children – SURELY you have volunteered to take on some kids!

Certainly you are willing to open up your homes to take care of a three-year-old who has no idea what a toy is, or a six-year-old whose hair is matted and tangled because it’s never been brushed. Certainly you’re up for that responsibility.

So last week – before election day – I headed back to the DHS web site that I first visited eight months ago. The SAME KIDS were there! These kids STILL need homes!

So maybe you’re being a bit hesitant to go ahead and take on these kids. I know, I know, holiday season coming up, you’ve gotta decorate and everything.

Well, I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season, but SURELY – since you voted and everything – you’ll open up your heterosexual married-couple home to a kid who is nine years old and has never celebrated Christmas. Because goodness forbid he be adopted by a willing parent who might be unmarried!

Really. No, you guys are awesome. I’m sure anyone who has ever fostered a child, been a fostered child or is still waiting to call someone “Mom” or “Dad” thanks you bunches.

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