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The importance of dependable automobiles and quality service – Rhodes Chevy in Van Buren, AR

This post brought to you by Rhodes Chevy. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Bellesouth.

I didn’t have my first car until I was 24, so it took me quite a few years to learn that having a quality automobile – one that requires little other than standard maintenance, and one that will last you a long time no matter how much or little you drive – is extremely important. So when I was asked to write about Rhodes Chevy – just about an hour south of me in Van Buren, Arkansas – I wanted to make sure I was telling you about a good product. I relied on my friends from nearby Alma High School, and was glad to read news from a classmate that her brother purchased his car from Rhodes Chevy in 2004 and just traded it in during the fall of 2014. I have -never had a car last me ten years (but keep in mind, I’ve only been driving for 13!)

If you’re car-shopping, there are a lot of ways to determine your best route toward a new automobile (pun totally intended). I always listen to the input of friends. I like to ask important questions – how long have you had your car? What kind of gas mileage does it get? How often do you have to take it in for repairs or maintenance? Friends are always going to want you to either get the service they have, or to avoid making the same mistakes they’ve made.

Another way I like to determine what kind of car I get is just by driving. Check out all the older cars on the road. What models are they? There are a lot of cars that may have been popular 5-10 years ago that you just don’t see on the road today. Those are the ones to avoid. Maybe they don’t run as smoothly. Perhaps the parts for its make and model are no longer being manufactured. Perhaps there is no one in the area who knows how to work on your type of car. (This actually happened in my family in the 80’s; my dad got the brilliant idea to purchase a French car that quickly ceased operations in the States. My favorite moment was when I was in the backseat, Dad was experiencing some obvious trouble with the car, and someone drove past us, rolled down the window, and yelled, “I think it’s on fire!” Ah, childhood memories.)

The Chevy Malibu and the Silverado are perfect examples of cars that have lasted a long time – and cars for which your auto dealer will always know how to maintain. The Malibu is going to be 52 years old this year. 52! Its latest redesign combines quality with comfort (in response to some criticism of its previous design that the space was cramped even though the drive was smooth.)

The Silverado is not as old (it turns 16 this year) is another vehicle not to turn away from. For a truck, it gets pretty decent gas mileage (24 mpg for the 2014 Silverado 1500, according to Rhodes Chevy‘s website). And do you ever hear about the Silverado being named Truck of the Year? It’s true. Last year, the 2014 Silverado won the North American International Auto Show’s Truck of the Year Award. The Car of the year award went to the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. That’s very important to consider when making your purchase: Reception, accolades and awards.

Rhodes Chevy Chevy is offering a $500 discount on any Silverado in stock. So if you’re in the area and in the market for a new car, stop by and tell ’em who sent you! Would love to get your feedback on any experience you’ve had with Rhodes Chevy!

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