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It’s a nice day for a sanctity-destroying gay wedd-ang

I’ve been thinking a lot about gay marriage lately.

The biggest reason is that for a while, I’ve been crocheting an afghan to present as a wedding gift to two very old friends who have been together for ten years and have finally decided to make it official. Because I remember when these two met, I’m really glad they’ve found each other and are making a commitment to stay together.

But I’ve also been thinking a lot about gay marriage because of this ad I’ve seen parading about the Internet:

I can’t believe this is making such hate and prejudice look like it’s in danger.

Seriously. What is gay marriage doing to you? This ad states that gay marriage is changing the way that straight people live.

When the Civil Rights Act was passed, a lot of people had to change the way they lived as well. They had to be bothered with blacks using their water fountains and sitting next to their children in school. Doctors had to treat black patients in the emergency room. Teachers had to teach that slavery and segregation were wrong. All states had to – gasp – recognize same-race marriages.

Yep. A storm brewed, all right.

Anyway, I’m making this afghan. It’s taking a very long time to make, so I hope Jason and Brian like it – but I’m also counting that they’ll be using it for a long time.

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