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It’s time to pass Health Care Reform once and for all.

As someone who is edging more and more toward self employment and will be on the lookout for a new insurance plan soon, as well as someone who has swarms of friends without health insurance because they have pre-existing conditions or simply can’t afford it, the time is now for a universal health plan.

And i’m sick and tired of the bantering among opponents – most of them recipients of excellent health insurance paid for by our tax dollars – telling us that a government plan would not work.

First of all, I love this video in which Tom Arnold totally slams Hannity over health care.

Here’s the deal – they say that in Canada you’d have to wait for a long time to receive care.

Here, we have people DIE each year because they could not afford the care they needed. We have people skipping out on medical bills they can’t pay; as a result, those unpaid expenses are passed along to the ones who pay health insurance premiums.

You can see coin jars in restaurants asking for donations to send little Joey to the Mayo clinic or to help Kim the Waitress pay for her chemotherapy.

It’s just wrong – and having a universal health care plan is one way to right it.

Yes – Yes, we have excellent health care – if you can afford it. But most people I know can’t, or they struggle each day to pay off their expenses. It’s wrong.

And there’s no reason why the self-employed shouldn’t be able to get insured whether they have asthma or back problems or have had bronchitis in the past.

Before I had my own coverage (thank goodness any company will continue me as long as I don’t lapse), I tried as a beginning worker to get an individual health plan.

I got a letter. “We’ll pay for everything except for anything related to asthma, allergies, bronchitis or any respiratory problems.”

Sadly, that was 99 percent of the reason I go to the doctor.

It’s just horrible – horrible how we treat our own people. And if people can’t afford to go to the hospital or pay their bills, it’s obviously their own dang fault.

Shame. Shame on those who sit back, paying their premiums and don’t think for a second about the people who just want to be able to see a doc so they can make it to work the next day.

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