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Jack Bauer is back! And some "dead" dude is totally NOT DEAD!

I am so excited that my boyfriend Kiefer Sutherland is returning for another season of 24 this year. This has been a LONG DANG TIME COMING. I swear. I have been going nuts without my weekly Jack Bauer fix.

Hey, remember when Tony Almeida totally DIED during season 5 of 24? Probably not, since the show last aired like ump-squillion years ago. Here’s a recap:

GUESS WHAT – HE IS NOT DEAD! WTF? OMG! How did this happen? I don’t know.

But somehow, during the end of the Bush era, the human rights concerns that have sparked concern in the current administration and debates over torture, 24 is BACK. IT IS BACK, PEOPLE. TOTALLY BACK.

Apparently a two-hour film that connects the Jack Bauer of ump-squillion months ago to the Jack Bauer of today, called “24: Redemption.” Here’s the trailer for it. Jack goes to Africa, likely to torture more pretend terrorists. Oh, Jack Bauer, you do taunt me so. And man, the trailer even includes the music from “Requiem for a Dream!” GOOSEBUMPS, people. I tell you – goosebumps. Damn.

Oh, and here’s the trailer for 24 Season 7, set to premiere in January over a two-day, four-hour span. I’m drooling on the inside. Almeida the soulpatch also makes his return in this trailer.

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