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Lenovo Lovers, Unite!

Here's my netbook on my bed, circa 2012. Since then I've learned that beds are for sleeping and "making whoopee," as the old game shows would call it. Wink-wink!

Hidden talent: I beat the ever-loving tar out of my electronics. I replaced this old one last year.

At the end of last year, I found myself looking for a brand-new netbook. I put a lot of use into my machines.

They are regularly moved, dropped, transported from bed to bag to sofa to desk to salon to coffee shop, and I ask for a lot of them.

In the past I’ve suffered lost keyboard keys, broken A/C inputs, drained batteries and power cords.

When I was on my sad, tattered netbook looking for new machines, my most trusted geek-friend turned me on to the Lenovo Ideapad. He told me he thought I was really going to like it, especially with the keyboard. (Geek-friend had also tried and failed to replace the keys on my old netbook, eventually opting for Super Glue after lots of frustration. Oh, it was a sad experience for all.)

I purchased this machine nearly six months ago and I am still amazed at how amazing it is.

My Lenovo combines solid construction and compatible design to make it an excellent netbook for the full-time network user or even someone looking for a laptop but on a budget.

I love my Lenovo Ideapad S100 netbook because everything is so well-built

My Lenovo IdeaPad S100. Withstands crumbs, sleeping dogs and bloggers who pass out before closing their netbooks.

into this machine. the keys are secured inside rather than attached by wobbly, silicone cups; the hinges are reinforced to prevent your screen from suddenly becoming unhinged from the base; and it’s fast and very easily upgradable.

It’s perfect for me, and I think I’m pretty well sold on Lenovo machines for a very long time. I hope to someday move up to a Laptop, because larger screens really offer so much more to those who work in Social Media.

I highly recommend you consider Lenovo on your shopping lists. Can you get cheaper machines? Yes, but will they be a solid investment? It’s been a series of trial and error for me, but I’ve learned that these machines aren’t just office supplies and media/gaming consoles. They are investments, and our investments need to last us a good while.

I’m not the only one who loves these machines. In March, said  of the Lenovo: “Excellent build quality, best-in-class ergonomics and efficient tech support make Lenovo one of the top notebook brands.”D

So get out there, look at what Lenovo has to offer and see if they have something for you!


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