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Life is like Fraggle Rock

More than 25 years ago, Jim Henson created Fraggle Rock in attempt to cross cultural boundaries and show how different folks of different backgrounds and ideas not only can come together, but actually need one another.

In Fraggle Rock you’ve got three main sets of communities.

There’s, of course, the Fraggles, who spend all day playing, dream-sharing, singing and what-not.

Then there’s the Doozers, who don’t do anything but build giant buildings with Doozer sticks.

And then there’s the Gorgs, the husband and wife who declare themselves King and Queen of the Universe and who declare their son their Prince – but who have never met anyone outside, and their titles are self-imposed.

Anyway, each community in there has its own important role. The Gorgs are farmers, and grow radishes to develop their own beauty cream.

Meanwhile, the Fraggles go out and steal the radishes because it is one of their primary sources of food.

The Doozers use the radishes to make a candy-like stick that they use to build their buildings. But if the Fraggles didn’t eat the buildings, the Doozers would run out of places to build.

Even the human, Doc, has a role, because he’s the Fraggles’ only access to the outside world. Doc’s address is what Gobo’s uncle Traveling Matt uses to send postcards from “outer space” (which is really just human life throughout the country). But if not for Traveling Matt, the Fraggles’ life would be left without any sense of cultural relativism.

Anyway, I was just thinking about how it’s nearing election time, and during this time people tend to go after their own self-interests. “You can’t tell me how my cars should be made!” or “You can’t tell me how tall my grass can be!”

But the thing is, no matter what, we have to live with one another – and everything we do impacts something or someone else. And the more you think about it, the more you realize that there are people in this world who we need to, in fact, move this world.

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