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Listia: It’s like eBay, but FREE! #freebies

I love free stuff. So much that sometimes I accumulate too much of it. I also have a lot of extra items I need to get rid of; but most of them aren’t worth the online auction or garage-sale hassle.

I wasn’t looking to sell stuff when I happened upon Listia. I had just entered some codes for MyCokeRewards and was looking for a site that could help me get more. Sure enough, I was sent to Listia.

Listia is an auction site. There you can find gift cards, jewelry, electronics, video games, you name it – it’s free. Think of it as FreeBay. But not for too long, because that other auction site might get annoyed.

I joined, and before I knew it, I had about 500 credits to spend. That’s the Listia currency; instead of dealing in cash, you deal with credits. 500 credits can be worth quite a few codes. So I used my online-auctioning background, started looking at auctions, waiting until the last minute to bid (because we all know that’s what ya gotta do.)

Before I knew it, I had accumulated enough MyCokeRewards to meet my weekly code limit, and the guys I “paid” with my credits would soon be able to shop for things they want.

It’s also VERY easy to earn more credits from Listia. You can earn ’em by connecting your facebook profile. You can earn ’em by referring your friends! You can earn ’em by becoming what they consider to be an “active” user, participating in auctions, commenting on items, etc. And you can earn ’em for signing up for special offers and completing surveys.

But the BEST way is to list an item. Here are some good suggestions for items to auction off:

  • Gift cards for stores you don’t shop at/aren’t located in your area
  • Rewards points from products (Pepsi Refresh points, MyCokeRewards, Box Tops for Education)
  • Extra craft supplies
  • Jewelry
  • Unsold inventory from Etsy/Artfire/your personal crafting business 
  • Last year’s Halloween costumes
  • Extra free samples
  • The fruitcake your second cousin bought you last year (I kid, I kid!)

There are no listing fees for listing an item. I just completed my first four-day auction and was AMAZED that what was initially going for 100 points ended up being sold for 2,020 points. Now, those points won’t be credited to my account for nine days, but meanwhile I’ll just sell other things. That 2K points is enough to get me some pretty decent stuff for nothin’.

I already have two other auctions going and they each have bids! If I ever accumulate points in the six-figure range, I might win some really awesome items, like a Kindle, a new television or a really awesome gift card.

This is literally a trash-to-treasure site, and it’s so fun because it is FREE! Sign up. You will become obsessed! Obsessed, I tell you!

I wasn’t paid squat or asked by anyone to write this, but I may earn Listia credits from those who sign up through this post.

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